Friday, 29 July 2011

Happier life .

Work life has been so hectic for me . 
But swear the people around me are like fucking nice .
Eldest sister came back from China and she bought two pieces of clothes , one belt and a pair of pink/white socks which I've got no idea what's that for /:  But still , I appreciate it ♥ 

These two days are crazy . 
Working like mad , and missing the people around me a lot too . 
I wish I've got more time to spend with them . 

Bought two Bubble eye fish home today ,
hehe they're gonna accompany my dog when I'm out . Here's how it looks like . 

Cute right ?!
And the bubble really has air inside , and it will burst if it get's poked by some sharp object . LOL .

But , I still love ahboy more ♥ : 
He's the best , always the one to welcome me back home everyday .
Some times , I headed to work feeling so upset and tired .
So upset that , some times I feel that people around me don't care , they don't miss me .
Actions shows the most , not the words , right ? I believed their words , but I refused to look at their actions . It get's scary at work some times too , customers waited for me from night till morning . And annoys me fucking a lot when they ask , " Erh , Miss , me and my friend can make friend with you a not ? " 
I really fucking hate it . I swear I do . 
The ones that I miss so dearly constantly isn't there for me , whereas the opposite are . Felt even more fucked up when I reached home , seeing that there's so many things undone . I barely even have time to sleep . 

Honestly , 
I guess I just needed some care from my loved ones . That's all I asked for . Is showing a little more care and love so difficult , if someone really loved/missed me ? 

Daniel had been nice to me at least , 
he drew this super cute Hello Kitty for me & gave me SEACRET Nail and body care set . 
And he bought me breakfast today ^^ 

Swear this is freaking good . Completely natural , no chemicals or anything (:

Michael also cooked for me that night , 
and my meal was different from the rests because I couldn't take spicyness , appreciate him for cooking a different one just for me . Was 2 hours late for work yesterday night , Nita asked Nicholas and two others to come all the way to my house to drive me to work that night . Hehe thanks a lot guys ^^ 
Just ranted to Alan about this few days , and love those people
who offered to come down to my work place to see me . Especially Peixin , who comes down everyday and boss wouldn't get angry since she worked here before

Hehe , and the event @ Soul is nearing soon ! 
07 August 2011
7.30PM to 3AM
Alcohol available for 18 and above ONLY .
Mixage event , 16 and above . 
Do come down and support my sales , and most importantly , enjoy yourself on that day ♥ 

And to my lovely sellers who've worked so hard ,
I really appreciate everything and all the effort you guys had put in . 

Gonna get some sleep now before work starts again later . 
Need off day really soon to shop , relax and hang out with my girlfriends and my other sweethearts
Shermaine is gonna be out of hostel tomorrow ! Hehe . So cute of her for want-ing to come to my work place all the time . Love her ttm . And miss my Shane bibi a lot ): 
Sleeping with hello kitty mask on my face today . 
Goodnight (: