Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Every tear that drops , hurts whoever that loves you .

Working and troubling about things recently 
had made me felt so insane . But after thinking , isn't that life ? Isn't that what everyone goes through ? 
Doesn't everyone's life has ups and downs ? I probably felt extremely down and useless , but I do remember what people always tell me , how so many used to cheer me up . I'm not the only one

Thanks to this two lovelies who accompanied me on sunday .

And those who spammed my photos for me just because they want me
to win I ♥ SG competition , thanks a lot ♥ : Peixin , Yiqing , Claire , Babyswings , Yaxin , Lucas , Maoquan , Luemiin , Rahim and some others ^^ ! 

Had a bad quarrel with daddy this past few days including today . 
Every tear I drop hurts him so badly . Every word I say pierces through him . I hope he feels better . Even after quarreling , he bought food home for me still . 

Didn't go for work last night , bet I disappointed a lot of people , 
hope I don't get scolded later on when I head down . ): 

Please help like this ladies photos ! Keep their likes up ♥ : 

Evon Toh :


Leopard Han : 


Mine ! : 


Those who're heading down for PAYM event support by us SMOOVE . 
Do get your tix from me ! Alcohol available , tix @ $25 each (: 

Going for work later , goodnight