Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tonight ♥

Tonight , 
me , my girls and others are all gonna meet up again ♥ 
Honestly , I'm so happy (: Truly feeling so happy after being constantly down and carrying my already hectic work life .  I'm missing everyone so badly , each time I got my off day , I'll be happy like crazy and trying to meet everyone in just one day . Dumb , but what can I do when they're almost the most important people of my life ? 

 The LOVE RED PARADE event by PAYM supported by SMOOVE 
is officially gonna start at 7.30PM tonight at Soul . If you're going , do get your tickets from me or my team mates ♥  

Haven't slept since last night when I head off from work till now , 
though I'm physically exhausted , I just can't wait to see all my sweet hearts later on at Soul . 
This blog post is simply gonna update a few photos ^^ 

 Love this girl a lot

 Chicken rice @ Queenstown with Peixin hehe . She was dead sick with fever after
polyclinic , but I still brought her here to have our lunch together ♥ 

This girl's face never fail to make me laugh . LOOL . 

Boyboy had went for grooming yesterday , 
was kinda upset he wasn't at home when I came back from home , but when I woke up , he's there right beside my bed ♥ Hardly have any time to spend with him then ): 

And cleaned my fish tank as usual . I know my bubble fish look super cute ^^

Other than all this , it has been work work work .
Hehe and Daniel bought me a Pooh bear and passed it to me during work this morning !
Will upload the picture of it later on (;

Swear I'm super happy today , really happy (:
I talked to my bro and my sist . Just a few sentences , but I still appreciate it ♥ 
I might seem as if I'm not keen to talk to my family , but in actual fact , I've been yearning for it . 
Gonna see two other long time ago friend later . Fought with them and had never talked . But this time , they're coming down to Soul tonight just to see me . I love you girls ♥ 

Earn your own respect , gain your own trust , work out your own happiness .