Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Soul with my sweethearts ♥

Just came back from work not long ago and 
realized I'm left with only 6 hours or lesser sleep now . Wtf . I wonder how long can I take this job even though I really like it . But it's eating up all my sleeping and leisure time . 

LOVE RED PARADE on Sunday was fine
no matter how bad the music was , I still got to see all my sweet hearts on that day and enjoyed spending time with them really much ♥ Was supposed to take pictures but then , all of us were too busy chatting and all around Soul . But when I saw all of them , trust me I feel like I'm in heaven , super happy and super delighted . People came down for me too , including my son Esmonde ^.^ 

My dear Yaxin , Leopard Han
Hope our event's photo and videos faster come out soon , 
and I would update my blog about it . ^^ 

Wish my next off day faster come and I'm gonna go picnic with my
darlings and my precious ♥ I'm missing all of them badly , especially Shane chia and my girls ): 
Was on the phone with Yiqing , we had a really really long talk . Some times I feel that people do understand me . Especially Yiqing and Peixin . We know what kind of person we are . We talked about how we spent our nights together , and smiling without faking it . 
This is true , I don't deny what Yiqing said . All of us really smiled and laughed like crazy when all the girls are together . We just can't explain how much we love each other , really . But some times , I do know some of us don't really feel the same way .. 
Some smiled because of leisure , enjoyment . But for me and my closer girls , we smile because our loved ones are there with us . Share our feelings , our joy and even all the things we buy together for each other . I still remembered how all of us suffered together when we've got no cash . Lmao .  
Friends might drift , lovers might too . 
But there's one thing for sure , the love for all of them is always there . 
If we never loved them that much , we will not even notice we "drifted" . 

Deleted an amount of friends in FB today again ,
gonna go sleep now , before I'm late for work ):