Monday, 11 July 2011

Love my girls ♥

Met Yiqing bbg , Andy , Shamin , Peixin , Ginity and others at 
Fareast on friday chat awhile and went off to Cine together after awhile ♥ 
Kind of miss the night at Club Soul though /: 

After that we met the others and had dinner together ♥ !
Bought hello kitty whitening masks for $12 and a few pair of earrings for my sweet hearts that day . 
Met baby swings , Hongyi and others too (: 

And did A LOT of funny stuffs and pictures while waiting for 
Shane to come . Bet all my girls miss the fun hell loads . And they're all gonna come my house on this coming tuesday ! So excited ^^ 

 Babyswings , Ginity , Yiqing , Me , Claire , Shamin , Peixin , Andy's friend .

 Me and my dearest Aldi bro

 Me & Claire

 Ginity laopo

 Me & Peixin

After awhile at Cine , all of us and Shane went off to Sakura thai disco . 
Took photos again ^^ 

 Claire and me , guess Claire is SEMI DRUNK . 


 Aldi & me !

 Yiqing bbg , me & Claire

 Aldi , Yiqing bbg , Shane & me (: 

 Unspoken words , I love you girls & friends ♥ 

Though sometimes conflicts might occur and things doesn't go well , 
we're always there for each other and stuffs . Stayed at home on Saturday and Sunday nights . 
And spent time with my dearests . Can't wait for the next SMOOVE event . Love DJ OHAN's Cupid's not in charge mixtape (: ! 


Info would be out soon , get your tickets from me (; ! 
Interested in being and distributor , contact me .
Freaking hungry , shall grab something to eat . 
Fuck Mac for not having enough riders . Goodnight world