Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hi all ♥ ! 
SMOOVE has supported PAYM in an event , THE LOVE RED PARADE that is gonna be held at CLUB SOUL on Sunday 07 August 2011 . The party is gonna start at 7.30PM and ends at 3AM with the best DJs 

We're gonna have a hell loads of FUN , PARTYING and CELEBRATING SG 46th birthday ♥ ! Lot's of people is gonna be attending this party , so reserve your tickets now , which is at $25 including one free drink . (Follow @SMOOVE_LLP , Smo Ovellp on FB or just contact me for more info )

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DJ OHAN and DJ CHRIS B are my favorite DJs . 
Here's one of DJ OHAN remix that's my favorite , search is at Soundcloud.com : Cupid Not In Charge . 

Back to life nowadays . 
It has been work work work for me . 
My dear girl Peixin had been really nice to me , accompanying me at my work place everyday . How sweet ♥ But I know she can't accompany me forever . Just like how my dad can't protect me forever . I need to learn how to live on my own

And recently , fighting with the people around me . 
It hurts so badly to argue with them . Have I really failed even as a living person ? 

I miss sitting down like this , spending time with him , 
and spending time with my friends . Go out to have fun , heart to heart talks and not trying to pull each other down . But nowadays , it's always the opposite that had been happening . Miss those times so badly , miss all my girlfriends too .. 

This lovely girl accompanied me for all the days I'm at work ♥ 
While others said they missed me , some really did came down , but some others didn't . 

 My sister is freaking nice to me , after work , 
went home awhile and she prepared dinner and made root beer float for me
 Do follow her on twitter or read her blog at feeyonaa.blogspot.com 

Peixin's cute face

People at work had been extremely nice to me too . 
Last night , another guy treated me to dinner . He wasn't even working in the same shop , too nice . 

It has also been a long time since I've last touched a
Jubeat machine . I wonder when I would ever have a chance to be like before ? 
Some times I feel unfair and upset for the people around me . 

" It's unfair when just as someone is about to change for the better , he wasn't given a chance . " 

People change , everyone doesn't like being disliked 
or talked about . Everyone deserves basic respect and to be trusted at least once to me . 

Miss all my darlings so fucking much . 
Shall head to sleep soon . 

Someone told me this today  : 
"I'm not afraid of dying , but I'm afraid of living ."