Saturday, 23 July 2011

Never gonna lead life the easy way out .

Went for work yesterday and it was very relax , yet tough . 
That's when I thought I'm never gonna lead life the easy way out .

Boss is really nice to me while Peixin even came down at night just to accompany me . She accompanied me all the way till she had to go to school . So sweeeeeeeeeeeeet .
Love her to the max , we had super long heart to heart talks when there's no customers . 

 Look at Peixin's cute face
Took photos @ the shop when there's no customers , 
ordered lot's of food to eat too . HAHA we slacked like crazy at the shop then . 

Ate all of that together with Peixin
 After a few hours @ work , 
my phone went out of batt , so everything got even more boring
without my phone and I can't text my sweet hearts and my boyboy Shane chia ): 
A few hours after awhile Peixin went to school , my new friend at the work place treat me to breakfast and swear he's such a joker . 

Got home and looked like this : 
Really wanted to KO on my bed , but ended up sleeping in the afternoon ): 
On the way home , it was raining so heavily & I was feeling so freaking cold , and deep down me , 
I felt it too . Wish someone was right there telling me he's gonna protect me from the weather , and gonna be by me when things crushes on me . Some times , I do miss those times where I know someone is gonna be there for me . .

Tomorrow , I'm changing my work to day shift ♥ ! Means more busy , but more regular sleeps . 
Starting work @ 2PM tomorrow , Peixin is gonna come down to accompany me again , so sweeet ♥  Couldn't meet my darling Claire & Yiqing bbg then , was too tired to head to town already .

Woke up not long ago and realized my dad even bought dinner for me , 
even though it's already cold , it still tastes so nice . I wonder how meeting was for my dad today with my school . I know my dad loves me , but I don't know how to tell him I love him too . Really miss those times where my family spends time together every Saturday . That's probably a few years ago already .

Shall go and do my eye patch now . 

Goodnight sweethearts