Thursday, 21 July 2011

There's a reason behind every tear .

Only those who means something to us is capable of affecting us badly .

Hi my dear boy . This picture below is for you . 

Because you made me so upset for the past few days . 
I don't usually take photos like that , because it's seems rude , butttttttttttttttt I don't think you would mind right , Shane chia ^^ ?

Thinking about it , it has been quite a long time since I last saw this idiot
and my other friends . Except for some of them . When we have time all the time , we spend them on things that we regret . And when we needed time to spend with our family and friends , I realized time gets lesser for me as time passes by .

Went to LAN at ten mile that day after prata-ing with my son ,
and met Xavier and the LAN people . Joked a lot , but I wasn't happy at all . I still feel the same , upset and constantly thinking when a person would reply my text . It felt horrible when someone ignores you . 

" Don't feel irritated when someone constantly cares for you , because you would regret when the person fuck cares you . "

Went home around 8plus in the morning , slept for awhile and went for interview for my job @ Jurong with Peixin ♥ ! And I'm so happy cause I got the job in the end , but working night shift ): Work's gonna start at 9.30 PM tonight . After that , went to Seven Gun's Pub with Peixin and the rests . Had super a lot of fun , but when everything ended , I feel extremely hurt and upset still . 

My face looked almost exactly like this in the picture all the time because I was starving when I reached home ):  and dozed off super fast . Woke up this morning , did some house work and made myself an awesome breakfast ♥ ! 

Rewarded myself with Hello kitty strawberry milk masks after doing all the house work , 
tweeted like crazy with my new friend , Shermaine Raylai ♥ . And realized she's my bro's friend's girlf . And I'm super jealous of her iphone cause she jailbreak it . 

Came across what Shermaine said that I think is worth sharing here : 
" The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone " 
Only your family and some of the people around you makes you feel this way . 
Really love those people around me . Gonna get some sleep nao , and meeting someone at 8 today and heading to work after that .

Just remembered something random . 
That was me and my Kitties last month HAHA .