Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Memories .

Feelings may fade , but they can always come back .

Last night , this idiot @Esmonade suddenly come &
disturb me on Twitter . Was kind of shocked at first since I once fought with him horribly before . But things didn't turn out that bad after talking to him then . Had a supa imba long good talk with him on the phone after that . Even though he was freaking full of crap . He really did cheered me up from all the crap that I've been going through nowadays , quarrels with others , Claire going MIA etc . Follow him on twitter @Esmonade alright !

He's a super good dancer to me too . Here's some vid of him (; 

So yeappppp . 

Changed my twitter picture last night too , 
follow me on Twitter at @KittyVonnC .
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And so glad that yesterday this idiot , Shane chia is fine (; ! 
Plus he made me fall in love with this new song that I would like to share with whoever's reading this now . 

Listen to it okay ! I swear it's damn nice with the super meaningful lyrics . 
Listening to this song reminds me a lot about the past and I miss my friends a lot . But sometimes , we just can't rewind or go back to the past and only make our selves better . Don't appreciate things when they're gone , because there's no longer a point . Just like how I always say , don't say sorry when you know you've already hurt me . 

Gonna meet my son at commonwealth mrt soonnnn . 

Next event of SMOOVE , celebration of Singapore's National day is gonna be @ CLUB SOUL again ♥ !
Most likely on the 7th of August .Get your tickets from me and don't hesitate to approach me for info or interested to be a ticket distributor (:

Goodnight ♥