Monday, 18 July 2011

Just another long run .

On thursday night headed down to town to meet 
Alan , was supposedly to stay with him for a longer period of time but ended up fighting with him
for hours . Kinda regret spending time arguing with him ... it hurts a lot . A bro that used to be so close to me . Not gonna talk about it anymore , wish it never happened .

Claire , Phoomin and Lloyd waited for me while I was
with Alan and then we headed down to serangoon together to find Shane . It was already pretty late then ): 
Had an awesome heart to heart talk and went to Claire's house around 5+ in the morning . 
Reached Claire's house bathed and changed

Didn't really intend to sleep at first as we gotta meet
Yiqing bbg , Peixin and some others at Sentosa in the afternoon , but we still slept and we missed the trip, and all of us didn't go in the end ):

Went home at night and did some house work . 
Couldn't really sleep in the end and started preparing at 10AM to head down to SIM . 
Helped out a whole day at SIM and spent a super good time with some of the SMOOVE people  . All of us went down to Great world and met the rest of the SMOOVIES & watched Harry potter together ♥ !

Hehe and yup , took a lot of photos with Yaxin ♥ ! The rest of the photos are in FB album .

Serene bibi
After movie most of us went to Club Avatar and had a lot of fun despite 90% of them were dead drunk . 
And I just spent my sunday at home ^.^ ! Can't wait to party with my lovelies again ♥ . Things happened after most of the people are drunk . Some times I realized no matter how much fun we have , we still have to face reality again . Pretty worried about my silly girl Claire . Police called me just now about her , yet when I tried to reach her , she switched off her phone . Please contact me soon ):

Hope that idiot Shane Chia would be fine tomorrow . Not only tomorrow , 
but for the rest of his life . Be a good boy okie ? (: I can't tell you that everything would be fine , but one thing that I would say is that I would be there for you . You may not rant at me but I would always wish you would be better . Time to realize what you're doing already alright ? Things would be better .

Wish things were a little more simpler at times .