Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Finally blogging ! Hope you didn't forget me ? ♥

Hi guys ! 
Like I posted last night , I said I'll blog real soon , and here I am , I kept my promise ♥
Have you all forgotten about my existence ? Honestly , I really hate to be forgotten , not to mention less people talks to me now and my followers on Twitter is decreasing LOL . Gonna rant at the end of my blog post ! But if you're still reading , then I love you . \(*^ワ^*)/

Haven't been able to 
blog for days . Was so busy with the event at Powerhouse tomorrow and hanging out with friends x: 
Just gonna fill you guys with pictures . Hmm starting from what I did today ! Was at Hougang this morning since I over-night at my friend's place & then I headed all the way down to Jurong East just now to find Peixin hehe . Someone who I finally met after so god damn long ♥ !! Miss her so much really . Had lunch with her & got one of my clothes altered there (:

Me & Peixin
There's this kueh store at JE , really tender skin fucking nice . MUST TRY . I fell in love with it ♥.♥

Peixin bought me this set of chicky rice hahahaha ♥
After lunch and done altering one 
of my clothes , had a chat with her awhile and I went home . Fucking long bus ride then ._.
Xavier's coming over to my house area to find me later hmm hmm , can't wait to head down Powerhouse tomorrow ! 

Anyway , last Saturday , 
I headed down to SMOOVE office with some others and had a really great talk with our people . Ate Wendy's with Kai , Reign , Wayne & Daryl chow ? /: I can't remember if Daryl was with us . The best part was , I went to meet up with my dearest sweet heart Claire after that ! ♥♥♥ Miss her a lot , I finally got to see her that day since she finally had the chance to come out of her hostel and meet me . 

Me & Claire

Met her at Cineleisure along with Yu Tat
Eric , Karen , Samantha , Samuel , Louis , Alandrea and many others .
It was such an enjoyable night for me then , though I didn't spend much time with her but at least I gotta see her for once . Went home at around 12 plus after having a good talk with Louis . Met Shane awhile too (: 

Topped up my HK milk masks and tried Etude House's HK hand lotion !

Check out Eric's face hahahah . He's enlisting to Tekong on 9th !
Louis & I !

Reached home & stayed up late that night . 
Barely slept for a few hours and woke up again in the afternoon on Sunday .
Met up with Samantha , Yu Tat , Louis , Samuel & Vivien that Sunday night at NEX shopping mall & bought myself some stuffs ♥ !

Essential's Hair mask really works well ♥ ! And sad to mention , my treatment appointment is all the way next year -_-

Get this lip roll from body shop , it helps moisturize your lips !
After getting myself some stuffs
from NEX , we headed to NTUC to get some groceries to cook dinner for ourselves at Yu Tat's house and of course my favorite dessert , strawberries and whipped cream ♥ We ended up cooking pasta at Yu Tat's place that night and watched movies ! I spent my night at his place using his computer and slept awhile on his sofa -__________- . Cabbed home with Samantha and Vivien in the morning (: 
SEE !! We cooked damn a lot . Haha

Reached home & forced
myself to stay awake so that I have no time to waste at all . Ordered Canadian pizza with my sister and bro ! Hehe miss the taste . 

That day for me ended really quick because I just dozed off on my sofa that night and slept my night away . 

Woke up really early in the morning and met up with Vivien at Bugis to get KOI for myself hehe . I was craving for KOI that morning then . After that , we cabbed down to Far East Plaza and met up with Peixin , Eric , Louis , Samuel & Yu Tat . Ran around the whole mall so from daylight to night so that Vivien can find the perfect heels she's looking for . And unexpectedly , I bought many things for myself yesterday night at Far East Plaza too LOL . 

Vivien & I at Bugis KOI

Epic shot of me and Peixin by Eric LOL .

Need a new hair color .

Check out Louis new hair .
Eric and Me
I know my leg looks horribly skinny ):

Blame my DSLR for the effects

Me & Peixin



Bought myself a lot of things that night .
I should really learn how to control the amount I spend each time . Really starving now , shall go have my dinner ! ♥

Sometimes I really HATE staying at home .
I love my family so much , but they don't love me . All I felt was jealousy , hate & selfishness from them instead of love . I miss my mother so fucking badly , I wonder how my dad is doing out there nowadays . Home just felt like a place for me to stay . A place for me to sit alone and cry so that no one would care . Facing my siblings just felt so horrible for me . So stress & I feel so useless . Sometimes I wish I can just disappear for good and everything will be solved . 

I'm getting so mentally tired . 
People forget me . People come and go . I'm surrounded with "friends" that doesn't care about me . Or just another person that proved me everyone's the same . It's the fear of being forgotten , fear of facing such a realistic world , waking up every day and realized no one fucking cares .