Sunday, 11 December 2011

Memories that can't be replaced ♥

 Answered all my Formspring questions just now !
View them HERE (:

Remember the event Red Hot Kiss by my company SMOOVE
I had so much fun that day ! Even though I was so busy at first , but I did enjoy myself a lot after that . 
The music was great , and the crowd were all so sexyyyyyy . Red lipstick babes ! ♥ 
Took a few photos that day while handling with sales and all (: 

Daryl , Darwin , Jeremy , Me & Reign !
 This photo was taken @ Powerhouse "RED HOT KISS"
SMOOVE crews ftw ♥♥♥

Eric and me !
 One day before Eric enter enlist to Tekong . HAHHAA BOTAK BOY .

Me & Charlene bb ♥♥♥

Was really hungry after dealing with sales ,
so went to Food Republic to eat with Xavier , Eric , Zhengyi & Yu Tat (: !

Here's some photos & video
of "THE SUPER SHOW" @ REBEL . Of course got me then I show ♥ LOL .

My tiny head in the metal robot box ):

Charlene & me ! Hehehe . ♥

Nice video right LOLOL .

Okay anyway ,
was dead fucking tired after the event that day , gave Wayne his birthday surprise outside Powerhouse & all of us headed home ! I headed home with Michelle and she wore my pyjamas HAHHAHA . SEEEE :

That's Michelle hahah .
ME !
I look fucking horrible without make up so I assumed you guys don't wanna see it so ...................

She stayed over my house till dinner the next day & went home !
And I just spent my lonely night at home that day & waking up with a night mare the next ):

Headed down 313 Somerset
yesterday and self decorated a birthday cake for Daryl at Icing Room ! It's his birthday yesterday & I passed the birthday cake to him at Heeren then , I couldn't join in the celebration as I was supposed to met up with Shane yesterday and I did ♥ . Both me and Shane headed down to Cineleisure 's Swensens to have dinner and had Frolick too ♥ ! After awhile we went to watch the movie "Already Famous" at 12:05AM which reminded me of how I really wanted to be a star too HAHA .

My fatfat faceeeeeeee .

Me & Shane

Met quite a lot of familiar people there & headed home after the movie .
I was feeling so dead tired & unwell then . Fuck sore throat and flu seriously .

And I'm spending my day today at home using Facebook and Twitter .
Heading down to AZZURA on the 23rd for VAUNT VI ? (:
Do not forget to get your tickets from me with your friends alright ! 

Love you all , goodnight ♥♥

And I really wanna watch "The hunger games" ! #Random