Thursday, 15 December 2011

Photos spam ! ♥

It's still days like this where
I felt no love , no fun , no meaning even after hanging out the whole day acting crazy with my friends . I never seem to find enough love and care from all the things I do . Slowly , I've got no idea where I am heading to in life . My life seems so pathetic , I really envy people with family who cares about them and very little friends but yet friends that care . I also envy girls that are pretty , photogenic because when I look at myself , I was thinking , why am I so ugly huh ? /: I'm so unlikable . People forget me fast , I slowly lose faith in myself as well no matter what I do . I'm starting school next year hope I'll have a better christmas and a good new year start ? (: ♥ 

I'm just gonna upload 
photos of these few days and update a little about myself ! ^^

Went to Zhengyi's place that day with
Xavier , EnHao , Javier , Amanda , Amanda's friend before Xavier enlist to NS . Spend the night with them , and I was so happy  to see all of them ♥ Had dinner with them near Beauty World , the stretch of shops that sells good food ♥ !

Zhengyi & Enhao !

Xavier , me & Enhao . #failshot

Zhengyi , Xavier , Enhao , Javier

Xavier botakboy & me !

Enhao , me & Xavier

 When we were leaving Zhengyi's place it was raining , so all of used umbrellas ! Hehehe .

Went to this place to eat !

Ordered my favorite cheese naan ♥

Enhao showing off his vodka hahaha

Xavier & his girlf !

Enhao's face HAHA .

And me ! ♥

Xavier & me (:

Enhao and me

My two hardworking people ♥

After having a lot of fun with them , 
I went down to Punggol Haibin to find Yu Tat , Shuhui , Shuxian , Belle , Joshua , Ivan , Xiaohao , Taigong , Dawson , Yusin and others while Yiling ( lajiao ) came to join us later at night ! ♥♥♥

Shuhui ♥ !

Me ^^

Shuhui & Me ♥

Me & Shuxian #failshot

Me & Shuxian

Me & Dawson

Shuhui & me

Shuihui , Belle & me (:


Me & Dawson ^^
Me & Lajiao

Me & Shuxian♥♥

Joshua & the fishes he caught that day !

Taigong & me ! hehe

Taigong & me ^^

Joshua & his largest fish ^^

Me and lajiao ~

Yusin and me with Yu tat the extra at the back (:
And you must fucking check out this video !
Remember there's an event at AZZURA on the 23rd this month ? :D
This is a "trailer" . Now I'm just kidding HAHHAA watch it ok ! Fucking funny .

Ivan acting kinky at the playground HAHA .

Shuxian and Yuanyuan ♥ !!!
After fishing and a lot of heart to heart talks with the peeps , I went to Shuxian's place for another around of heart to heart , breakfast , some rest & I headed home that day . Went home and enjoyed myself with this :
My Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask ♥ ! 

I'm not really excited for Christmas this year , but I'm looking forward
to celebrating it with someone special . Fucking want this as my christmas present , check this out ! :

I'm not sure if it's sold in Singapore's ION Sephora , but I do know it's from Sephora la LOL .
It's fucking cute maximum la can ?! If it's not in Singapore , I wonder who would actually ship it in for me . Hehehe Ok nice dream of mine ! ♥

Anyway , need tickets for 23rd DEC 2011 's event @ AZZURA etc just contact me !
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Goodnaiii all ~ ♥♥♥