Friday, 2 December 2011

Looking beautiful to cover the ugly truth .

Credits to Zhi Ling
Hi hunks and babes , whoever
that's reading ! Thanks for clicking on my Nuffnang Ads , my Formspring questions are answered as well . I'm starving really badly now cause it's like 5.10AM in the morning . I've got no idea why I keep waking up at this sort of unearthly hour , it sucks cause all of you are asleep and there's no one to talk or rant to o(╥﹏╥)o 

 But anyway , I'm gonna schedule this blog post to 3PM in the afternoon ! ^^
This blog post might be a long one , cause I really need to rant my feelings out , and some of you may feel the same . 

On the 28th Nov , the day before
"THE SUPER SHOW" @ Rebel , I met up with Zhi Ling , a friend that I've known for really long at Somerset Mrt , and we headed down to Cineleisure that day together ! Bought our movie tickets for "Your the apple of my eye" , ate Frolick and cabbed down to Haji Lane to have lunch & met up with Kai and some others to rent our super hero costumes for Rebel the next day ♥ !

Me & Zhi Ling ♥ She's younger than me ok . LOL
Having lunch at Haji Lane

Zhi Ling and I headed down to
Far East Plaza after getting my super hero costume , went to do nails with Zhi Ling & finally found the right lipstick I want !! Check this out :
Revlon super lustrous lipstick ♥
See !!! I think my lip color look damn chio after applying it with a layer of gloss .
Anyway , after that we
headed back to Cineleisure , ate at toastbox and rushed to the cinema already , and we ended up sitting at some other couple's seats ._____. Had to change seats halfway during the show . But the show was really great !! Very vulgar though , NC 16 show , go watch !

Zhi Ling headed back my home with me
after the movie & I freaking slept like a pig while she was using my computer .
She had a hard time trying to wake me up when she was leaving to queue for some concert at 3plus AM .

Next day 29th Nov ,
it's my company's event , THE SUPER SHOW !
Met up with Yu Tat , Vivien & Samantha at Plaza Sing , had dinner at Hot Tomato & headed down to Rebel to prepare for our event already .
Vivien , Samantha & me ♥

Hot tomato 's food is damn nice .

The day at Rebel was fucking kick .
I was Robin hood the girl version that day , check out this video ! I'm in it (;

And I think this video is cool too :

Hope you enjoyed the videos ♥ ! I know I look pretty retarded in them haha . 

After changing into my hero suit . That's Jerlinda beside me (:

Me and Lainelaine ♥ . Credits to Jerlinda .
Ghost rider that day was hot (;

Rebel was a really long and
tiring day for me . It was really fun though , went home and I immediately K.O . 
Woke up at 12 plus AM the next day , fucking pig of me right ?! And met up with Vivien and Yu Tat and 2 AM in the middle of the night to eat Bak Kut Teh at 333 Balestier road


Looking real horrible without makeup . But I got contacts on then !
All of us headed back to my home 
after Bak Kut Teh , waited at my place till morning for Eric & Dawson to reach Commonwealth Mrt & headed down to Chinese Garden to swim at Jurong swimming complex

Check out all the shag faces of ours hahaha . 

Bought this two books at Commonwealth

We used this camera with Kodak film the whole day at the pool ! Quite excited how the pictures would turn out

Check out my matching nail colour , camera and phone colour .  LOL

Got our entry tickets !
After that , Charlene , Joshua and Maoquan came to join us (: 
Felt really weak and hungry after the swim , had lunch at KFC & I went home to K.O again . Hence waking up at this timing to blog ): . My hair is freaking damaged by the chlorine in the pool's water . Must get hair treatment before the next event "RED HOT KISS" at Powerhouse on the 8th Dec !

And I'm heading down to Chinese Garden
again later in the afternoon with my family to look at the new condo there . Might be moving there or Hougang . Sigh , both houses are like one end to the other , I like my current house best , Central area . 

Hmm , you guys do know about
the event RED HOT KISS right ? At Powerhouse on 8th December , 6 more days only ! 10.30PM that night till 5AM in the morning ! Spot me in red lipstick that day , purchase your tickets from me , or my people , let's all party with red lipstick babes that night ! 

Let me end this super long post with photos of me at SMASH #2 HAHA . 
Spot me at the stage !

I shall rant in my blog some other days . 
This blog post is too long and I think you would just get tired of reading it . 
It's always family and friendship issues that I'm ranting over . Anyway , I'm going to update the SMOOVE and my photo banner in my blog soon ! 

Looking beautiful to cover the ugly truth