Sunday, 27 November 2011

Unanswered thoughts .

It seems like a million years since
I last updated my blog . I feel like a lazy bitch nowadays . Sleeping for really long hours and still constantly feeling extremely tired , can someone tell me what to do ? (~_~;)

I'm getting so inactive on Facebook , Twitter & Formspring
Even neglected my tiny space here in my blog . I didn't go anywhere because I wanted to concentrate on my coming event on 29th at Rebel . But yet , do you guys know I've been troubling about many many things ? There's so many things that's going round in my head until I don't even feel like ranting in this tiny space anymore . Do you feel the same ? Have you guys forgotten me ? 

My body clock is extremely screwed nowadays .
Sleeping in the morning and waking up at midnight . So you'll only see me tweeting at night . Sigh . 

Just gonna update a few photos and talk about a few things /: 
After staying at home for SOOOOO MANYYY days , Yu Tat and I decided to head out ! 
I really really wanted to watch Breaking dawn , so met up with Yu Tat at Cineleisure that day since I haven't went to town for really long already . We went down around evening and seats were like all fully booked -______- . So we watched Breaking Dawn at 9.15PM instead . And it was at the front row [bo bian , no more seats available ):

Ate KFC for dinner ! This picture made me look uglier than usual ):
We saw Jeremy , look at his fuck face haha .
The show was quite okay .
It was surprisingly boring , but after watching it , you would really really want to catch Breaking Dawn part 2 . So go watch it ! Hehehe .
Look at my ugly hair , time for a new color and treatment !
After movie , me & Yu Tat 
waited for this Shane chia and Marcus to come Cineleisure . Heh . 
First book out for him ! He look sho cute with his botak head  (´ω`♡%)
Had a nice chat and we went off to MBK to meet up with Shane's friends . Spent quite a lot that day , but I wonder what I spend on ? /: 

Shane's cap !

Shane is botak ns boy now ! hehe
Marcus , another botak .

Check out this unglam shot of mine . Tried to electro but fail still HAHA .

Yu Tat & meeeeeee ! ^^
After MBK .

And now I'll just update a few really random photos !

I got my iBanking ! I know it's a little late , but still . LOL
My dog has a Facebook , Ahboy Lee LOL .
My sister's flying squirrel ! Fucking cute .
I think my dad's like super cute with Emoji LOL .
Speaking about my Dad
he's gonna sell my current house away & move into a new one soon .___.
Some part of me hate to leave my current place because I like the location and everything a lot , some part of me wants a new house too . Pros and cons /: . Most likely moving to Hougang or Punggol ): 

Hmm anyway , guys ! 
I feel damn excited for my company's event . 29th November 2011 , tickets at $25 ! Show some love and support by bringing your friends to get tickets from me that night ok ! Let's all party with super heroes ^-^ Look at our awesome crews below : 

Expect to see ALL THE ABOVE heroes on the 29th that day ! And of course , MORE ♥

Heading down to SMOOVE office later on in the afternoon . 
I'll reply all my Formspring questions later on or at night ! And if any of you ever see me again , stop going to my FB and ask me how old I am okay ): . I'm definitely not 14 years old even though I can really look like one . LOL 

Let me end off this post with the kind of guy I like . 
I believe many girls have the same mentality as me ~(ゝ。∂)

I like guys that show that they care a lot about you . 
I like guys that are protective of their friends and loved ones .
I like guys that are filial . 
I like guys that are really responsible . 
I like guys who thinks for the people around them . 
I like guys that will voice out when they're jealous . 
I like guys that are very observant about us .
I like guys that will send a goodnight or good morning text everyday . 
I like guys who shows that they care about your safety . 
I like guys that offer to send you home .
I like guys with goals and are going for it .

Have a good day ahead guys !