Friday, 9 March 2012

Everything I wanna talk about .

In this blog post , 
beware first , there's SO MUCH I wanna talk about during these days where
I didn't had the time to blog . So yeap , no pretty photos in this blog post (AKA gonna be boring) .

It's actually mainly about my FormSpring Questions that's
making me wanna blog so much . After replying all my Formspring questions today , 
I received a number of horrendous & ridiculous Formspring questions , which didn't quite affect me BUT I laughed  at it . LOL . But before all those questions came , there's still some questions I really wanna talk about . 

First Question . 

Getting a girlfriend depends on the kind of 
girl you're chasing after , and what's more I don't know what kind of girls you guys are chasing . Besides , you may not even find it useful . So I thought giving tips on guys that ALREADY have a girlfriend might help even better . But do some of you guys really need a post on HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND ? I can't even get a boyfriend myself . LOL 

Second Question . 

This question is actually a really sensitive topic to me .
But I'm still gonna talk about it because I feel it's important that girls have to realize how important this issue can be . Okay , initially , I felt that losing your virginity wasn't a big deal , and it isn't at all important . But after awhile as time passes by , and as the guy left me , guess what ? I came to realize the importance of a girl's virginity . Girl's who are still a virgin , PLEASE listen to me . I really hope you guys would save it for someone you'll marry . I know , it's the 2012 , but again , SO WHAT ? You won't know how people actually LOOK at you . It's also a sensitive topic because , do you know that certain guys these days actually refused to get together with me for one reason ? I AM NOT A VIRGIN . This feeling really sucks , girls , do you want someone to leave you or to not accept you just because you're not a virgin ? You wouldn't know how the guy that loves you feel . Do you know how much I wish to be a virgin again and how cheap I felt ? I committed a mistake , and I'm admitting it . And worst , I'm regretting it and I can't rewind time . I don't know how people is gonna look at me again after this post , but virginity is really such a fucking big deal . People also will feel that you're `CHEAP , `SUIBIAN(anyhow) etc . It doesn't feel good , sometimes I just feel like crying . You won't know whether the guy is after your virginity OR your love . Think for yourself k girls . 

Third Question . 
 Yes my height is only 14x . 
FUCKING SHORT I KNOW . BUT , THAT DOESN'T GIVE SOME OF YOU GUYS TO CALL ME A XMM OK ?! You don't even know my age or anything , besides does age allows you to call someone a XMM ? So don't tell me someone younger than me but look older than me would be called a woman and I'll be a called a XMM la ? This question also relates to my age which most people wonder . But , there's many reasons why I always refuse to talk about my age . Reason , NOT because I wanna be secretive . But only because you know that most people get judgemental when it comes to AGE . When you befriend someone , and age actually matters , there's something wrong . It's the mentality of most people . And yes I obviously don't look like my age ):

Fourth Question . 

This question is total bullshit . 
And Ridiculous . It kinda pissed me off for this one though , because this isn't the first time I'm getting this sort of question , and ........ who said I suffer lot's of rejection for being lesbian ? People talked about me on Forums , I still can take it . But this /: ? I want a boyfriend leh , you think lea ? Sigh , people nowadays LOL . Get your facts rights before asking ok ! 

Fifth Question . 
I self declare that yes I smoke , and WAS smoking Marlboro Iceblast . 
 BUT , totally quitting for good . I swear , it's slowly affecting my health and I thought a girl that smokes sometimes doesn't gives good impression either . SO YEAP . But I'm not manipulating anyone to quit la , but I am . So wish me luck ♥ . 

And as I was saying ,
there was a few questions that suddenly came & I laughed LOL . Cause I strongly believe ,
it's all from the same person . Here it is :

 All these questions ,
if it's you all , CAN TA HAN OR NOT ?

Headed out to a few places
with my friends the past few days & watched Ghost Rider . It was quite a great show , quite funny also LOL .
Bought some stuffs too ♥

This top coat for your nails from Face shop is fucking good . Gel-like , cost only $11++
And packed my room until damn nice nowadays x999999999999 ! So proud of myself LOLOLOL .

Lesson learnt : Never put kitties on display , it will turn grey . So I left the rest in package instead .

Packed some of my shoes in boxes nicely stacked up instead of having what I have on display last time .
 (It's in one of my blogpost where I used to have my shoes on display , I forgotten which LOL!  YES , FOUND IT , IN THIS POST , click HERE . )

And strongly reccomend this magazine to ladies , who if I'm not wrong must be 18/16 above . Super nice magazine , talks about guys  too LOL . See the magazine got write "Unsuitable for the young" LOL .
Elmo that Leonard drew , fucking talented hahahaha
The Android I drew LOL ♥♥♥♥♥

And you guys should totally play "Draw Something" with me on iPhone ! :D

Last night ,
my granny came over to my place .

Granny smoking #likeaboss
And her reason for smoking ?
Chase mosquitoes away LOOOOOOOOOOOOL .

It wasn't surprising that she came last night ........
cause today's my mom's second death anniversary .

I still fucking love you mom .
People who already cherishing your family like crazy , good job and maintain .
Those still showing attitude to your parents , change your attitude NOW . You'll fucking regret one . SWEAR . I used to tell myself , oh I won't regret la all this . End up ? I regret like fuck , even until today for not cherishing my mom . I was an unfilial child . People say that , those who had loved her , would be more upset than I do . These people are WRONG . I died a 1000 times more than anyone else . Because I wasn't a filial child , I regret EVEN MORE . I live EVERY SINGLE DAY WITH GUILT . Whereas , people who once loved my mom , they lived in peace because at least they know they treated my mom well . How about me ? No matter how much I fucking wish my mom to be back , nothing changes . It hurts a lot more than anything else in the world . Each time I think about it , flash backs came . The way she looked at me and all , it never disappears . So the best I could do now is , to be filial to my dad , I don't wanna repeat the same mistake again and have another regret . Guys , not worth it , love your family forever . Start showing you love them .

I realized most of us girls also have one fucking major problem .
Money management LOL . We always wanna buy things , either not enough money , or spend all the money then realize we actually need the money for something else too . I'm gonna share this method that I've been using for quite awhile , not sure if it would help , but it did helped me .

I have this note book that writes down , how much I have per month ,
and the things I NEED to buy , and the things I WANT to buy .
I first write it out in this format .

E.g :
- 1. Black top $30

Once I wrote that down , I'll remember I have to buy that FIRST , since it's labelled number 1.
Then when I finally got it , what I'll do is , writing it down that I've bought it and spent , like this : 

E.g :
- 1. Black top $30 (Spent)

This note book helps to record down
what you've spent on using your money and able to keep track better this way right ?!
For people who are rich , just ignore this then HAHAHAHHA .

If you're very observant ,
you would've noticed that I've updated the "SMOOVE" photo banner . I updated the new events details there already (: ! The next up coming event is THIS MONDAY , 12th March @ Club AVATAR . Tickets only sold at $20 ( MAD CHEAP ) . 16 above party , Don't miss this one out !!! Club AVATAR is located at Marina Mandarin Hotel , not sure how  to get there ? Need more details ? Contact me for more info , OR click HERE . When you need tickets for you and your friends , or regarding 18abv parties , do look for me ! ^^
****** however please take note , I DO NOT support undercut ******

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Next blogpost is most likely about GUYS .  Bye everyone !