Saturday, 3 March 2012

Part 1 : What guys should take note ♥

 I said I was going to blog about "having a boyfriend" . Ok , or 
rather because everytime I talk about this kind of stuffs , more people tend to read my blog ? Hahaha .
I know it may not sound like a interesting topic & people that read this post might find it ridiculous , weird or something . Or others , with different opinions . Buuuuuut , still gonna blog about it ok ?! LOL .

Something about myself first . 
 I AM NOT A FUCKING GUY . ( Click HERE to clarify ) 
Meh , just because I sometimes post status that can relate to some guys doesn't mean I understand & am a guy . It's just coincidental because I particularly dislike girls that don't understand guys & still accuse them

And I'm not asking anyone to apply what bf thing in my blog ok haha . Anyway , when I say I want a boyfriend , it definitely isn't because I'm lonely . It might be one of the reasons , but never solely that reason . "Never find a boyfriend when you're lonely" . Because when you are not lonely anymore , are you gonna leave them alone and seek for freedom again ? Do you even love the person ? (Obviously you don't) . So don't waste the other party's time and get attached . 

*And something you guys have to know , LOVE DOESN'T START JUST BY TEXTING & BEING NICE & UNDERSTANDING OK ? So stop texting a girl or a guy hoping that there will be sparks between you two because REALLY , Love doesn't come that way . You can't force someone to love you . Learn that . * 
[ ok getting too long winded ]

♥ Girls are very sensitive ♥
- Whatever you say to them , they remember it . Even if things you said were meant to be a joke , please mind what you guys say , because a girl will remember every single shit & might use the same joke on you one day .

♥ Girls dislike "pushy" guys ♥
- I HATE THEM . Harsh , but that's the truth . If a girl doesn't reply you , leave her alone & stop spamming her with your paranoid replies & never ever attempt to call her (she WILL freak out). She'll get very annoyed and irritated because you're not even her boyfriend and you're already suffocating her , who would like that ? And it may also appear to the girl that you're desperate . LOL . And what if , she was just busy at that moment ? 

♥ Take things slowly & give her some time ♥
- In every conversation you have with a girl , give her enough time to reply
each question/topic , do not just ask her too many questions at the same time , you'll make her feel as if you're interviewing her instead of being friendly . Also , take things slowly . Never ask a girl for her number straight away when you guys have barely exchanged a few sentences UNLESS , she shows a lot of interest in you . 

♥ Girls likes to feel secured ♥
- Every girl wants to feel secured . 
If you guys are already dating , but haven't got together , one of the reasons may be because the girl doesn't feel secured . It is important to let them feel secured & have faith in you , show her that you won't leave , show her that you don't bother about other girls & make sure you will be there for her when something happens . One of the greatest fear girls have is that they're afraid , you might leave when something happen , you might leave for someone better & that you wouldn't be there for her .

♥ Girls wants to feel important ♥
- We like to feel important & need to receive a lot of care and attention .
Girls wants to be your top priority no matter who she's "competing" with in your heart for that top priority , even if it's your mom (For some girls) . If you wanna spend your time with your girlfriend , you better make sure you have all the time for her , otherwise , just don't even try to spend time with her . She'll be pissed if you've something on halfway & it's really uncool . Leaving a girl alone ? Never . Main point : Whatever you do , show that you have her in your mind & always her . Meaning , whatever you do you gotta show that you did think for her . (Awesome and caring bf)

♥ Girls like it when you're interesting ♥
- When you're interesting & humorous and able to make a girl smile , 
some how you're immediately attractive . Make yourself sound interesting , make it seem as if going out with you would be a fun thing , so that the next time she heads out with you , she'll look forward to it because it's interesting and fun . When a girl shows interest in going out with you , she just likes it .

♥ Treat her like a princess ♥
- Treat her like a princess . Of course , she would treat you like a prince too , BUT if she choose to treat you like a dog , she's not for you . Ditch her LOL . A girl that genuinely wants to be together with you would put in more or less around the same amount of effort . If you notice she's carrying something really heavy that is taking too much of her effort , be gentleman and offer to help her carry LOL . If you're already her boyfriend , can snatch from her already , don't even let her carry it ahahahaha . Because girls really likes it when they know you care . If they know you care so much for them , they would reward you with the same thing (:

♥ Making first moves ♥
- Though nowadays more & more girls are making the first moves , 
GIRLS STILL HATE IT . It requires a lot of courage , pride & everything to make the first move . It applies to guys as well , BUT guys always gets the excuse because they're guys and hence it's normal . How about girls ? We would feel shy , inferior & PARANOID . So if you roughly know what a girl wants , make the first move & fulfill it .

- Never ever try to even compare your girlfriend OR a girl that likes you
to any other girl , WORST , don't compare her with your ex girlfriend . Who likes to be compared to someone else right ? Advice can be given to a girl so that she can improve on whichever point she's lacking at , but you can never tell someone what to do OR , how she should do it like your ex or someone else . She's gonna feel fucking upset after that .

♥ Be generous & forgiving
- Just don't be kiamsiap(stingy) LOL . Why ?
Yes it's true that some times , girls should pay their shares too . BUT , at least act generous a bit la right ?! Don't be like my sister's friend , total bill is $10.90 , then he will die die collect back $5.45 back . COLLECT $5 CANNOT MEH ?! So you guys must appear as if you're generous , and able to fulfill her spending needs . HAHA . So guys , if you've the means , do pay OR go dutch .

Why be forgiving ?
Actually , JUST DON'T BE PETTY .
 Never get angry because of small matters , it's a #majorturnoff to girls . Even if you wanna get angry don't show it to the weak and fragile girls ok ? LOL

♥ Don't ask the girl to change for you
- The girls would feel that what you need is
a tailor-made girlfriend , and you don't love her for what she is . UNLESS , they've REALLY bad habits etc . Another thing , the girl would feel that she's not good enough for you . MANY girls & especially me , I always feel I'm not good enough for anyone . So if you've a girlfriend or looking for one , take note of this . Make sure you love her for who she is & that she's the best already .

If it's bullshit to you , you just wasted your time reading . 
Otherwise okay ! Hahaha . I will blog about my own lifestyle in the next blogpost + I may answer my Formspring questions anytime . If you missed it , just read them at my Twitter or my FB page above ^-^ . AVATAR with me next Wednesday anyone ?! Text me at 9189 9055 for me to sign you in ok guys & girls ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Or tell the person at the counter you're signing under Chrysan . But best is contact me !! Ok bye guys !