Monday, 27 February 2012

The night @ AVATAR .

LOL wts , everybody is asking me WHY I want a boyfriend .
Do I need reasons for that ? Seriously ? Blogging about this next time !


K I feel pathetic about my caption above LOL .

Anyway !
Did you guys went Club AVATAR last Wednesday ?
I was there with the rest of the crews to sign ladies in etc , many complained that it was "boring" at first . But after all the ladies got high with the free-flow alcohol , the whole of Club AVATAR was alive . LOL . Okay lah , quite fun . I didn't really enjoyed myself though , was so busy emoing after getting tipsy that night & went home like a complete retard . Thank goodness , Peixin was around & she actually brought me home that night . Love her maximum , cannot explain how dear she is to me HAHA what the shit can't believe I said that .

[ Remember to support me on the next event @ AVATAR ladies night ! ]

 Horribly busy February.
March , I'm gonna treat you like a queen and head out . BUT , FML I think I'm seriously falling sick again . Head out to school this morning perfectly well , except for having sleepless nights for days but didn't really gave a shit . But when I came home just now it's like .......... fuck . I'M FUCKING ILL NOW . I want to faster get well so I can enjoy my wonderful March with my friends ! 

The only time I actually went out nowadays ,
is to EAT , EAT & still EAT . LOL . Compared to how I would go out in the past , my life now is a total bore . But I promise it would be different in March LOL ( which is arriving real soon ) & also self reminder : NOT TO NEGLECT MY STUDIES .

Just last Wednesday(event day) , 
which I didn't sleep the entire night , I headed to Queensway Shopping Centre after school to meet Reign for lunch ! Supposed to eat Claypot rice AND also with Cassandra , but Cassandra couldn't make it last minute , so me & Reign still headed for Claypot rice anyway . BUT GUESS WHAT ? After meeting Reign at QSC , he brought me to AV Market which claypot rice DIDN'T EXIST THERE , because he mixed it up with ABC Market . Wtfffffffff , I was mad tired already so we decided to have lunch at Ikea instead . And had my all time favorite , IKEA MEATBALLS ♥. !!!!! MAD TASTY

Been super long since I last had it ♥ !!!

Stupid Reign caught on Camera hahaha
After that I already crazily want to head home
1). Get some fucking rest [which I didn't in the end because I didn't had time at all]
2). Prepare to head out to AVATAR
3-10). Same reason as no.1 LOL . 

And like I said , AVATAR was quite fun . 
Bonded a lot with Cassandra & had talks with some other friends . AND YUP , the next day , Jianyang & Reign came over to my place at 10+ pm to fetch me & we headed to 333 Balestier to have my Bak Kut Teh !!! Hahaha they kinda got lost while driving to my place . 

Awesome Bak Kut Teh ! 
Wanted to order veggies but pathetically I couldn't because Reign & Jianyang don't eat veggies ):
Then we reminded ourselves of the past by listening to techno music in the car wth LOLOLOL . After that they sent me home and I just slept hahaha . 

Two days ago , 
Ashley & Leonard also came over to my place & I learned Mahjong ,
and wtf I won 5 rounds in a row LOL . *shows off* Had great Mahjong session with my sisters & them , won myself a meal from Leonard after that hahaha . Also had dinner before Mahjong session at Hong Kong cafe , Anchorpoint with Fiona & Zhengrong ♥ 

 Really hate Green tea , so had to swop drinks with Fiona , but I also don't 
eat that Jelly nata thing in her drink , so she was like fucking nice enough to take it all out for me

See , all the nata gone !

Ate this .

Had hot beancurd for desert
 The three of us went home & we had awesome tea session !

Zhengrong imported this from China .

Had dinner last night 
with family at Sushi Tei , Vivo City . Me & Fiona kept disturbing the chefs there since we were sitted at the seats where we could see the chefs cooking and all . LOL all of them look the same somehow . /: 

Didn't put on much make up since it was just dinner . Sigh forever fail to be pretty LOL . 

Fiona & Me

Super love this !

I'm missing eating at Sushi Tei already ):

Okay ! 
Besides busy emoing for being single & getting sick , I'm mad tired , gonna head for a nap now or something ! Answered my Formspring questions , which is supposed to link to my FB page but ended up at my wall , deleted it . But it's still linked to my Twitter @KittyVonnC ! You can view the questions at my Formspring profile or Twitter (:

And I updated my blog banner too ! Hahaha k byebye .