Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Do you miss me ?

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Bleh ! Been weeks since I last blogged . 
I feel so horrible and upset now being able to since I love it so much .
I'm busy ? Lazy ? Totally no pictures to blog about since I'm so busy with school & totally emoing about relationships like crazy . It sucks to be single & seeing so many sweet couples around you . And being single on Valentines day and being labelled #foreveralone

But yay I finally got time to blog nowwwwwwwwwww !
And it's gonna be one flooded with lot's of pictures hehe ♥.

The only changes that appeared
was probably my hair . LOL . I went for my hair appointment yesterday evening @ Essensuals Bugis with Christy and said byebye to centre parting ! The length of my hair is also shorter now . It's just that I look , even younger now ? LOL . 


After doing my hair I headed off to 
Ah guan mee pok to eat HAHA , with Christy & her boyf . As usual , they're forever quarreling . 

And also celebrated daddy's birthday on 19th February @ Sentosa Chalet
Met up with dad at Vivo city along with Zhengrong , then headed to Dian Xiao Er for a light meal , manage to bring dad to Festive Hotel for his Spa & Massage at Spa Republic and blind folded him and brought him to the chalet at Sentosa HAHA . And of course the rest that came surprised him with a cake

Me & Dad

Zhenrong & me

Bro & Fiona

Fiona happy happy face HAHA

My face looks extremely red here because I was damn tipsy LOL .

Oh yup  , and

I didn't spend Valentines day alone . Spent it with Louis , Samuel , Junwei & their friends ! And of course , emo the entire fucking day and even got a free hug from the foreveralone faces TROLL faces ):  . 

Yup that's all .
Will answer my Formspring questions tonight ! Follow me on Twitter @KittyVonnC .
Love those of you who didn't forget me