Thursday, 9 February 2012

Priceless talk .

I miss those times where I just sit down , 
alone with my friends and we just talk , share our thoughts & joke . It's priceless . And I had it last night with the most unexpected person . Haven't been going out lately , that's why I didn't update my blog . Even though it's just such a simple life , not much friends , I'm fine with it . But get kinda upset somehow , when I didn't update my blog , people just forget about you . That's how much I meant . 

Before yesterday , 
I headed down to Clementi after school with Fiona & we collected our lenses while we had dinner there ♥ . And finally drank KOI that night after so loooooong ! Still tastes as good as ever ♥ . Like spending time with her (;

Wanton mee ♥ !
Eyebags and circles forever there ):

I've got completely no idea why they spelled 
my name as "Chrysen" when it's supposed to be Chrysan LOL . 

This was the original lens I was wearing , #nudypink .

This one is #Lady Circle Black

And this , #Sakura Brown

The next day after school , 
I met up with Louis , Yu Tat and his girlfriend at Vivo City ♥ !
We had late lunch @ Long John Silvers & watched the movie "Chronicles" after that ^^ .

The show Chronicles is fine , just quite , weird ? /: 

Oh yup , and we went arcade too !

Yu tat complaining why must he be the one with the pink gun LOL

Yu tat & his girlf !
Been so long since I last saw him .

And okay , sharing something stupid here . 
After our lunch , I actually decided to head to Emiko Arts to actually do something like this below , but I didn't do it in the end cause our movie is starting ): . I know I am too young for this , BUT I REALLY WANTED TO DO IT OK . LOL 

This doesn't belong to me . It's just an example .

The materials you use for it LOL .
I remember how I would always pester my mom to let me do all this stuffs when I was younger . I wish my mom didn't pass away . That way , I wouldn't feel guilty forever , the lump at my throat never disappears when I think about my mom . It's hard not to think about my mom when I place her photo right on top of my keyboard . Enough of that . 

Louis & me !
After movie , Yu tat just send his girlf home while me & Louis headed to somewhere near Sentosa ? /: 
We had a great talk . Talks that I yearn for and I ours liked . There's a difference , where you go out with someone and you got all the things to talk about , or where you go out and just wonders what to do . In my case , I had everything to talk about with him . What's more , he is the most unexpected person . 

Louis hand damn extra LOL

After having that long talk & when Yu tat came back to find us , 
I went home while they went to Powerhouse (: . Short day , but memorable

Big fat cheeks I have always .

And yesterday and today's afternoon , 
both my parcels came ! ♥ 

I've got no idea why nowadays I keep getting 
clothes that I don't wear , I wish I fit all sort of clothes and look pretty LOL . 

I was actually in a good mood when I
got home last night since I spend my day quite well , but something just completely made me feel so fucking down . My friend told me that "SimSimi" has my responses to my name . SimSimi is actually this iPhone app where you can talk to it . But the responses that come out from SimSimi are responses that are entered by people who uses this app , or you yourself . 

I mean , whoever that entered all those responses , why do you have to say that  I suck ? LOL . 
If it was meant to ruin my mood , you done it . Because I'm really feeling upset . -_______- 

"Haters gonna hate" 

And to end off this post , 
check out this dude below . LOL damn cute .

Last year's PAYM Love red parade photo . Ginity & me (:

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Have a great day ahead !