Thursday, 2 February 2012

Another army boy ):

 Guess what ? 
Raymond is heading to Tekong for his NS this Friday )'; . 
I'm so not used to it , staying in SMOOVE he's my leader , now that he's off to serve his NS who's gonna guide me and listen to my rants as usual ? Who can "tank" my nonsense and how unreasonable and stubborn I get most of the time ? Only him . Raymond's my best leader and a wonderful friend . 

So on Tuesday , I headed down to Cineleisure
to meet this 77 turtle Raymond & gathered with some of our team mates , Wilfred , Serene , Nick , Yaxin , Wayne & some others . Since most of them are late , we could only catch a really late movie . But we still watched the movie "Jack n Jill" together in the end ^^ It was so funny ! Worth watching ♥♥♥ 

Besides all the stupid things we do , 
sneaking food into the Cinemas , me , Raymond , Wayne & Isabel headed to the eating place opposite SCAPE after our movie cause I was complaining how hungry I am $: . But before that , we headed to Heeren Mac and it was closed , headed to Cineleisure Mac and it was closed as well and that's why we finally ate at the place opposite SCAPE . ^^ 

Stringray again ♥ !!!

77 Raymond hehe

♥.♥ FOOD .

Stupid Wayne wong hahaha

Isabel ^^

Went home at 2plus AM 
after having a long talk and great supper with them

Reached home and drank tea with traditional tea set LOLOLOL . 

Cool ? LOLOL .

Can never smile properly LOL . ):

And next day after school my parcel came !
Bought some clothes online hehehe . 

And last night , 
I met up with Peixin at Cineleisure with Fiona and ZR ♥ !!
Had a real great time there ♥_____♥ . My darling Peixin is always the best . 
We had dinner @ Hong kong Cafe & a complete last minute movie plan . 

ZR forever trying to act cute HAHA

Beancurd ♥ !

Fiona hahahha


After dinner , Fiona and ZR 
went off while me & Peixin went to watch "The Descendents" ♥ ! 
It was so last minute that we didn't even know what we were watching when we bought the tickets , since the both of us didn't even watch the trailer of that movie . The movie is quite funny , I wondered why it was NC 16 before the movie started and when it did , I knew why . Movie straight away got bad words LOL .
Reached home safely after movie
that night because this girl Peixin sent me home ♥ she's fucking sweet .

Have a great day ahead guys ♥.