Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thank you readers ♥♥

Hello ♥ ! 
Just another usual blogpost . But just happier this time !
I know this is quite stupid , but I'm here to share some of the things I'm happy about ! You might find it super super retarded but , since you're reading my blog , just be happy for me okay ? LOL . It's not that I've found a boyfriend , I'm still single as I was SIGHHHHHHHH . Some stuffs I just really wanna share with faithful readers of mine , despite having so many other popular people around , you guys still visited my site all the time , reading my rants and blablabla

Get ready for some stupid-ness hahaha .
Ok , actually it's just that , I get to cash out for my Nuffnang Ads again !
Means getting $$$ . LOL not a lot but ok what . Shows that you guys have been helping me click on my Nuffnang Ads and I LOVE YOU :D . You guys really make me happy sometimes eh . Also times where I'm down and I still receive comments that cheer me up on Formspring . I FUCKING LOVE YOU PEOPLE . I might not have more readers than others , but I'm sure I got some faithful and nice ones because I do read some of the messages you guys send to me via FB inbox . And I'm just so elated and happy , trust me I am ♥

A few blogshops
decided to sponsor and have me do advertorials for them ! Show some support ok ladies ? x
 Also I'm glad that , my Facebook Page has increased in likes , views etc ! I'll update my stuffs more often there as well . AND P/S , hate it when people follow and unfollow me just because you idiots don't get a fucking follow back .

Alright ,
enough of my stupidity . Let photos do the job and tell you guys what I've been up to these days ♥ !
 *Using Sony cybershot instead*
With Ginity
Louis & me !

Favorite wanton mee ♥ LOL
Eyelashes from Canmake
Bought a set of "Total Hydration" from ZA ♥
Also bought this headband from Autumn Moon , suitable to use when you wanna wash your face HAHAHA
Remember few months back I last my HK earcap that my friend gave me ? Bought a new one !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

I know Rush is cheap shoes la ! 

Topped up some of my stuffs ! Especially those Eyepatches from Etude House . Been waiting for them to arrive !! ♥
That freaking small pack of 
cotton pad I bought was like $6 , here's the reason why it's good . You can get'em from Etude House !

This cotton pad is way thicker , comes in this very comfy & unique texture , cream in color .

Whereas , in comparison to the normal cotton pads : 

Normal cotton pads , white in color , can get it at $2+ I think .

Also from Etude House !
Event @ SCAPE WAREHOUSE , "Live It Up Without Lighting Up"

This is rabbit ShuenBoon

 Basically , just went out
with friends these few days , to Cineleisure , 313 Somerset , ION Orchard , Bugis Junction etc to shop , catch up talks and have some fun ! ♥ 
Really really wanna head out soon with more friends to watch "The Hunger Games" ! Envy those who watched it already . And I wanna go Jcube the new shopping mall to shop omg . LOL this is like becoming a "to-do-list" . Three more days till Fiona's birthday ! Gonna head to the salon soon to do my hair as usual . School's currently doing good , but kinda lost . Emotionally down nowadays , forever ranting at Twitter . MEHHHHHH !

HAH OH YA recently , I noticed
some people around me that says , "I dislike xxxxxxx ...." and next day , when I switch on my computer and got on FB , guess what I saw ? This two bitches went out together and had LOT'S OF FUN . What is this ? Fucking ironic and contradicting . 

I'm not trying to be mean to edit this photo ok , but nvm ok I'm still mean lol .

Ever realized haters are those
who never seem to be happy ? Hating won't bring happiness , so fucking start loving ok !!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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BYE ! Remember I love you ! LOL .