Friday, 23 March 2012

People always only see the bad points .

Society nowadays is judgmental . 
Nothing seems to be real . People sees your bad points and never the good ones . Or maybe , only a few notices and remembers the good points . Others ? Remember your bad points and spread all around for everybody to know . But ever thought why someone would choose to be the way they are now ? Think before you talk about someone . 

When we're nice , 
people take us for granted , A LOT . They think we'll never leave . And when you're nice , you notice that the number of friends you have increase dramatically . Easy , most of them , not all just wants to benefit something from you . And that just means , more FAKE FRIENDS

And when we fight for ourselves , 
people label us as "heartless" and they leave us . Reason ? Because they can no longer get benefits and advantages from us . This world is REALISTIC .

Because of these sort
of thoughts I have in my mind , I always struggle within myself whether 
should I stay nice , or just "live for myself" like what others say . But first , no matter what I do , people always seem to have a say in it . And that's making me really confused . Also , I would choose to look for friends that are , "not popular" . Reason being , I felt these people are more innocent , naive and most importantly , harmless . They wouldn't have motives like others around me . 

Hope what I said was relatable to 
some of you guys out there .

*Ginity was wearing my top*

Back to these days , 
I met up with Ginity , my super close friend at 313 Somerset few days back ! Who says close friends meet all the time ? Hahaha . We headed to Cineleisure , Xinwang HK Cafe for dinner ! Supper to be exact , BUT that was the first meal for me that day . Then she stayed over at my house for TWO good days ♥ .

Some company also emailed me to be
their "agent" for tourism or something . But I gave the offer a miss because I thought I wasn't suitable for the job . Like advertising about tourism and psychoing people to travel through their company just isn't my type .

Alright enough ! Getting boring with
so much words , it's all gonna be photos now , gonna be a long post !

*The moment where I felt I took an artistic photo*
 Who says iPhone camera cannot produce good photos ?
Bloody hell I did it okay !!! LOL kidding , just some editing .

When we reached home ,
Ginity was wearing my top . She just wanted to change so yeap , lend her my top & took loads of photos .

Snacks I bought for the night ♥

Annoying fringe never get's out of the way .


My awesome air-con remote has a ribbon ok . LOL

Wonder if anyone still plays Nintendo like me ? But I play pokemon HAHAHA

Ginity totally spoil this photo HAHAHHA

I damn nice to post up unglam pics ok !

We both applied on Honey + Ginseng mask that night too ! Can be bought at Etude House only @ $10++

And this is ....... HELLO KITTY SOAP . LOL

I HOPE SINCERELY , my future boyfriend doesn't do that to me HAHA .

That's all for the photos ! ♥

If my daily life seems
to be getting boring , since I'm busy , Formspring me some of the topics you might want me to talk about ! 

Horrendous amount of photos right ? LOL . Ok bye guys !!! ♥♥
Abruptly ending this post because I need to go off and head to town to attend an event !

*Never wore those above clothes out before few days back , I always feel they'll look ugly on me le SIGH*