Saturday, 17 March 2012

You're reading it because you love it .


If you guys had read my advertorial for SHOPTHELUST few days ago ,
you might like to check out the awesome ♥SEVENTEENTHLANE as well !

Not sure about you guys , but for me , one of the things I do 
check out during blogshopping etc is that , I'll make sure if the blogshop owner or whoever that's replying the mails is nice & friendly . If they are , there's a higher likelihood I would actually purchase their items ! So if you're like me , you're totally gonna purchase lot's of stuffs from ♥SEVENTEETHLANE ! I swear they're mad friendly & awesome !!! 

And guess what ? 
Here's me giving you a little tip while shopping from ♥SEVENTEENTLANE
Quote , my name "Chrysan" / "Chrysan Huihui Lee" to receive FREE POSTAGE when you purchase from them ! I nice enough right ? LOL . 

K la , I should really show 
you some of their clothes already !!! 

See this top ? Wanna seduce guys , this one best LOL .

No laaaa , actually this dress looks damn elegant ! Avail in different colors too !

This super chio batwing is one that I really wanna buy , avail in black too !

Next time I wanna dress like this to school HAHA

Sweet looking bottom ! ♥♥♥♥

You love pink like me ? So gonna buy this !!! ♥

Awesome stuffs right ?!
And amazingly , they also sell stuffs like `socks , `shoes , `bags & so on !! 
SEVENTEENTHLANE updates their sales very very often , they always have new stuffs coming in ! And the best part is , they are all VERY AFFORDABLE . If still considered expensive to you , FRET NOT , they even cut down their prices too !!! As low as $10 for a top !!!!

Faster go buy their stuffs & remember to
quote my name to get free postage babies ! x

Check out their `Facebook page  &  `Twitter ! ♥ LIKE AND FOLLOW .
Read & understood ? Told ya , they're nice (-:


I already have a flooding list of what I wanna blog about ,
see ya ! ♥

Now you got the answer (-;