Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Would you be my superstar ?

Mad tired from last night's
craziness at AVATAR , SuperStar Monday ! It was shocking that so many people actually turned up for it , BUT not as if all bought their tickets from me LOLOL . The crowd last night was CRAZILY HIGH . It was really a fucking good party , not to mention that there were prolly some conflicts going on during the party . 

Because I am so FOREVERALONE ...

There's gonna be a blast of my own photos later , 
permission granted ? LOL 

Anyway , since I was talking
about the event last night at AVATAR , you guys should know that people can easily get hold of my number . And seriously , I'm kinda affected when people contact me just to disturb me . If that's what they wanted , they really did it . I'm fucking affected . 

Dude , YOU'RE CALLING ME A SLUT ????????? 

Kissing FOUR guys in my life , YOU'RE CALLING ME A SLUT UH ? 
DO YOU NEED ME TO INCLUDE MY FATHER ? FIVE GUYS , and you're calling me a slut ? 
I can guarantee to all of you that , this guy that text me ain't any better . 

Reason : 
He called more than once to ask if I'm a ESCORT . 
Nevermind that , even asked if I'm a EVENT ESCORT . So now what ? Even more ridiculous , event organizers , ticket sellers , etc are all escorts ???????? Fuck you dumbfuck . If you guys are so easily manipulated by people around you , you're a fucking loser . Why can't you think for yourself before you judge someone ? 


 You can insult me if you've solid proof , or something that you know for sure IT's true . BUT , don't insult me when you know nothing , or worst still , being a retard and accusing me plus insulting me just because of a hearsay . Don't say I deserve it , because I don't think anyone can say that . I deserve getting nonsense because I place my number out when I was trying to get sales for my own company , SMOOVE out of good intention ? NO . And I don't think I deserve getting insulted by someone whom I don't even fucking know .

Thank you to this person on my Formspring .

I often get really emotional on my Twitter ,
but what tweeted was what I felt is TRUE . Because no matter how much effort I put in to change for the better , no one seems to notice it . Because of one matter , they choose to deem you as something that you were or never was . This just isn't fair .

Apart from this unhappy
issue , there's still more happy things for me to look out for & blog about .
I'm sorry if I wasted your time reading all the above okay /: !!

I'm so happy that
SHOPTHELUST get me to do an advertorial for their blogshop , & because of this ,
I now received 3 other blogshop's sponsors and advertorials ! Might not be a big deal to you guys , but let me get a little excited priest ? LOL . Those who've quoted my name to buy the items , thank you ! (:

Also got some awesome items from IT show !

See ? I warned you there will be photos of myself LOL .

This speaker that I bought , is CRAZILY CHEAP . $28 only !!!
Quite matching with my comp right ? LOL . But now I arranged my com in the middle of the speakers alr .

 Also went to Thai Noodle House
to have dinner with Fiona & her boyfriend ! My favorite Thai restaurant plz .

Fiona & her boyfriend ! 

Fucking good food there okay , opened by chinese-thai .

The one lying on the bed & holding the remote control is my brother !
 HEH , and see what's my brother holding ?
It's a remote for my DSLR ! Now I don't have to hold the cam to take photos , just put it on a stand and use the remote . Fucking happy that I bought it . Also bought a desktop for brother hehe .

Ahboy , my dog LOL . ♥
And as usual ,
my keyboard always disconnects , that's why sometimes I really
detest using wireless keyboard & mouse , because when it disconnects , you're done .
Thank goodness my bro & his friend fixed it for me !

Ending this post with
the day I had dinner with family @ Sakae Sushi !

My niece also bought her Macbook , but she was so unhappy with it ):

Alright , remember to buy stuffs from Shopthelust
& stay tune to the next few advertorials alright ! Byeee ♥