Wednesday, 11 April 2012

All about CONTACT LENS ♥

Advertorial : The Fluffy Pixies

P/S : There's a giveaway of contact lens at the end of the post ! 

Asking myself this ? :
Some of you guys ask me , 
"How come you got such pretty eyes ?" ; "Where you get your contact lens from ?"
Now you've got the answer , I got all of them from THE FLUFFY PIXIES ! ♥ 
They're just so awesome , I can't wait to share this information with you guys about them ! 

CONTACT LENS are one the most important steps to having nice and big-looking eyes , it's important for a girl to have nice eyes isn't it ? And awesome Fluffy Pixies gave me a good amount of contact lens for a review ! That goes without saying , of course , there WILL BE a giveaway for you lovely people ! ♥ 

Check out
how awesome THE FLUFFY PIXIES is ! The lens they gave me were mainly these :

Wearing their
contact lens make a HUGE difference to my eyes . And of course you 
might ask , prove ? Here you go , my eyes before and after wearing their contact lens ! ♥  

Reason why there's a picture of my eye w/o any contact lens is so that it'll be convenient for you guys to compare my eyes with or without contact lens !

I'm using the pink one .

Zoom in of my eye wearing Barbie Betty Pink
Ft: Barbie Betty Pink .
Ft: Barbie Betty Pink .

I'm using the brown one .
Zoom in of my eye wearing Barbie Quella brown
Ft: Barbie Quella brown .

Ft: Barbie Quella Brown .
Ft: Barbie Quella Brown .
 Reason why Barbie Quella Brown is one of my favorite
few lens because it's circumference is BROWN in color which makes it so special and different from other contact lens ♥ !

3. Luxury Babe 19 :
I'm using the green one .
Zoom in of my eye wearing Luxury Babe 19 Green
Ft: Luxury Babe 19 Green .
Ft: Luxury Babe 19 Green .
Notice how this series has a yellowish effect in the middle ? Awesome !

4. Luxury Babe 39 :
I'm using the Brown one .
P/S: This is the one that I always wear and the one that you guys kept asking ! 
Zoom in of my eye wearing Luxury Babe 39 Brown
Ft: Luxury Babe 39 Brown .
Ft: Luxury Babe 39 Brown .

 There's so many reasons why I LOVE The Fluffy Pixies lens ,
- Reasonable prices that are so affordable .
- The Fluffy Pixies contact lens looks so obvious when worn ♥ ! 
- Super huge diameter to make your eyes appear BIGGER .
  - And it's super comfortable when I wore it ! I've sensitive eyes , and my eyes wasn't even irritated !
LOVE'EM ♥♥♥♥

Contact Lens of The Fluffy Pixies
are ranged from $13-$16[MAX] per pair . They've recently launched two NEW brands namely , iFairy and Kimchi ! So now can choose from an even wider variety of lens ! AND THE NEW SERIES ARE SO PRETTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 


I'll be giving away a pair of

 Barbie Princess lens at ZERO degree which is sponsored by The Fluffy Pixies

The one in Grey .
It's EASY to win + it's FREE . So why not ? 
To win this pair of lens , simply join my giveaway by sharing this advertorial link on your Facebook OR Twitter and answer one simple question and email me at kittyvonc@live.com.sg in this format : 

Title : Contact Lens Giveaway
Name : 

Contact Number : 
Answer : 
Reason why you want this contact lens : 
*Attach a screen shot of you sharing this advertorial link on you Facebook or Twitter account* 

Easy right ?!  

Here comes the question , 
Which pair of contact lens am I wearing in the page of The Fluffy Pixies's website under the column "Advertisers" ? 
*Hint: I've mentioned this pair of contact lens in this blog post*

This giveaway will end on 28th of April 2012
so faster join and I will pick the lucky one with the correct answer ! ♥♥♥  

Be their Facebook friend HERE , OR Subcribe to them if you like .
Visit their online website to send in your orders ! Quote "Chrysan" to receive more privileges ! 
They give very good service ! ♥ 

The Fluffy Pixies
The Fluffy Pixies
The Fluffy Pixies
The Fluffy Pixies
The Fluffy Pixies
The Fluffy Pixies

See they're sweet people ♥

Have fun shopping for contact lens and having pretty looking eyes ! ♥ xoxo

p/s: Rest assured that none of the pictures are photoshopped , I don't have them (-: