Monday, 9 April 2012

Dating with friends ♥

Rayner , me & Solomen .
  Feeling so 
awesomely happy while blogging this post ♥♥♥♥ ! 
Guess what ? Had my "wishes" came true ! Watched Titanic in 3D and also went 
Ice skating @ Jcube in two different days and occasions ! And even received an awesome amount of sponsors *happy happy girl*

Headed to Bugis
and had lunch that day with Solomen , Rayner and their friend !
After that to Cineleisure and got our Titanic 3D movie tickets ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sadly , it was at 11PM and we totally almost rotted while waiting for time to pass . In between we had a little of pool session , well it's them that's playing , NOT ME . Pool stick taller than me + don't know how to play pool = #failx999999999


Anonymous person that I totally forgotten his name .

We also had slight
dinner @ Nihon Mura

Rayner photo bombing me hahahha
They think they hanshum like that . P/S : The movie was about to start then .
The movie was freaking awesome ! 
Never regretted spending $15 on each ticket even though I've already watched Titanic long time ago . But it was a super long movie , approximately 3 hour plus ? Hmm . 

The fun isn't over
even though I went home after the movie , cause the next day , I finally got to meet up 
with bff Peixin ♥♥♥♥♥ ! WE FUCKING WENT ICE-SKATING . And both of us had completely NO MAKE UP ON . So we both looked ugly and I stepped into Jcube for the first time and had an awesome ice skating session with Peixin for 2 hours ♥ . Heart to heart talks was the best then . 

You all don't zoom into my no makeup face ok !!!!
 Imagine ugly Chrysan
with no make up on , short legs with jeans omg wtf ??? hahahah

Peixin bought me mittens hahaha
 And because we 
brought our own socks for ice skating , I took it out while we're in the cab ,
and for a moment I thought I only brought one sock out cause the other dropped and I didn't know )):

Tickets !

Initially made a video of us iceskating and all . 
But decided not to put it up , firstly , I think I look horrendous without make up .
Secondly , I kinda sounded bimbotic at certain parts cause I was complaining how afraid I was . Thirdly , I thought I could make a better ice skating video the next time I go ! ♥ 

Had dinner @ KFC
This Peixin really spent so much hard earned $$$$$$$$$ on me . 
PLUS , had a little quarrel after that cause I was being so stubborn and reluctant about using her $$ . Hope it's alright now ! 

Went IMM last night
and had dinner at Hoshi Japanese restaurant + bought a HUGE AMOUNT
of books for revision ! Have fun but never ever forget school . You invest in studies , better study hard . 

And had my shoot for an iPhone app completed today .
 The photographer would be sending me some nice photos once it's done and all ♥♥ !

I'll be doing an advertorial soon , hope you guys would take a look ! 

Goodnight sweethearts ♥♥♥♥♥