Thursday, 19 April 2012

A stupid video of me .

Hello guys , 
as I promised , there's gonna be a stupid video of myself :D 

Here you go ! 

The two "rectangular boxes" that I mentioned in
this video is miraculously GONE and MISSING . So ignore that part and don't bother to find it . I've also made my blog fonts bigger as some of you guys complained that my blog posts are hard to read because of the font size . Nice right ^^
The video is stupid la I know , but for the entertainment sake why not right LOL .

And yup , created
a new blog where I basically just rant in it . Don't bother google searching it because I doubt you'll find it !

Went to Ikea on
two separate occasions with Ash , Ginity , Michelle and my family , probably gonna re-decorate my room , so next time I can make a video of it when it's nicer ! HAHAHA . Also ordered things from Tmart , CONGRATULATE ME THAT MY PAYPAL AND MASTER FINALLY WORKS ! ♥.♥

Will do a video of it
when my package arrives as some of you guys asked if Tmart is reliable . I honestly do not know , so let's wait for the package to arrive :D 

So I guess that's about it ,
besides going to school and CRAZILY studying like mad for my upcoming exam , wish me luck pleaseeeeeeeeee ): . LOVE YOU GUYS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

Photos below are all not photoshopped .

HAHA YAY , don't you think Photoshop create wonders ?
I only started using Photoshop recently , so rest assured that the previous blogposts are all not photoshopped . But I love how I can use photo shop to make my nose smaller ! Hate my gigantic ugly nose , I swear I'm gonna go for plastic surgery when I've got the money .

Don't say without photoshop
I'm ugly ok . OK , maybe ugly but not so ugly ! Here's a photo of me , COMPLETELY WITH NO photoshop :

Don't want to show you guys what's on the board HAHAHA .
I will show it one day la .

Here's my new car :D 
FYI : It's taken at the cemetery cause I went to pay respects to my mother .
Went with dad and sister , and obviously it's not my car HAHAHA . Feeling cheated ? Meh .

For those of you who
think making a video and putting it in my own blog is stupid , attention seeking and all , this is for you : p/s I'm just kidding , I still love you anyway (-:

Sincerely wishing all of you a great day ahead alright ! ♥♥♥♥♥ :D
Meh , back to studies !