Saturday, 21 April 2012

Shopthelust Newest Collection 6 ♥

Advertorial : SHOPTHELUST
Like shopping online like me ? Read ! ♥
Hello !!!
You guys remember the advertorial for SHOPTHELUST ? Click HERE if you've missed out my previous advertorial for SHOPTHELUST . They've decided to sponsor me a top thanks to you lovely people ! ♥
Here's an advertorial video for
you guys , watch it to understand the post better :D

Meh , I think I look so guailan in the video .

Top : Featuring what SHOPTHELUST sponsored me :D 
Super comfortable when worn ! It's velvet material on the outside ♥.♥
SEE ? It's detachable ! So cute ♥
Bottoms you might wanna match with : 
1. With Jeans .
2. Simple pair of shorts .
3. High waist shorts .
4. A normal pair of shorts of the same color .
5. High waist skirt of the same color .
Or you can match it with any bottom you like ! 
If you don't like the collar , you can also replace it with necklaces that you like . Here's some example : 

SHOPTHELUST also launched their next collection , 
collection 6 . Do check out their clothes ! EVERYTHING IS SELLING FAST . They sell more than just clothes , check them out !

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Lastly , 
here's the items that are selling fast and popular that I promised to share ! :

They also have giveaways ! 
Do take note of the information at their Facebook page if you wanna win their giveaway ! ♥♥


*There's a post before this advertorial , just a normal blog post but with a video :D*