Sunday, 13 May 2012


Watch the video below only if you wanna know what happened and when you can take how irritating I seem like hahahhaha .

p/s: The chargers and batteries are different , I was blind when I said that , my mistake ! 

Abrupt ending of video because my computer ran out of memory space . 
Never mind , it's time for photos anyway ! :D 

Photo taken by new camera :D (Still had foundation and lipstick on then)

Check out my complexion without makeup . Not very good I know , but who cares HAHA

If you don't wanna watch my bimbotic video , 
it's okay I'll summarize this whole blog post up for you . As the title suggests , I got a new DSLR ! It's Canon EOS 600D , I was previously using Canon EOS 500D for my advertorials that you see etc . Yes mad expensive . Also received new filters , lenses for the camera and a new stand . But I wasn't the one who splurged . It was my dad .  I DID NOT ask for a new camera neither did I expect my dad to splurge and get one for me . 

For the past weeks , 
he has been saying maybe he wants to buy a new DSLR for me . He's 100% a normal dad , neither is he rich . Ever since my mom passed away , I can see him trying very hard to be a better dad just for the family . Sometimes he breaks down but can't even tell anyone . Every dad loves their child . If your dad doesn't buy things for you , it DOES NOT mean he doesn't love you . He does , everyone express their love for you differently . Like my dad , maybe he just thought showering me with stuffs and throwing me with money is the best he could do . So love you parents everyday (-;

If you're considering to get
a DSLR . Be prepared to splurge . Each cost at least $1k if I'm not wrong . Like the old DSLR I have , it's around $1.5k including the lenses of course . Many places are having discount now , or you can wait for IT show ! :D Another piece of good news , (for me actually) , I received a package today ! just a few hours ago . It's the 4 pair of heels I ordered online ! I swear they are MAD PRETTY . So if you're interested in shoes like I do , check out my new blog post ! The blog post should be up by tomorrow or the day after (-: 

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