Tuesday, 29 May 2012

You see this all the time .

Today's blog post is all
about what you see on Facebook ALL THE TIME
It wasn't a suggested blog post , I saw some of the suggestions of blog posts , would take into consideration , BUT this blog post , I have to blog about it . Because it's so ridiculous and I really wanna share with you guys how I look at it . 

Girls post photos onto Facebook
complaining how ugly or fat she looks on the caption . (EVEN SOME GUYS DO IT WTF) . 
I mean , HELLO ? If you really think it's SO UGLY , SO FAT , NOT SLIM ENOUGH , NO PRETTY TEETH , UGLY LOOKING EYES , DUCK LIPS , DAMAGED HAIR ETC ETC ETC ETC and so afraid of people judging you , (since the caption suggests you've low self esteem about yourself) , WHY DO YOU EVEN POST ON FACEBOOK ? 

Facebook , obviously , 
it's a place where people access to your pictures and information EASILY if you didn't private your settings . Facebook friends bound to comment on your photos . So if you wanna post it , you make sure you can take nasty comments like how Steven Lim get them all the time .

If you don't understand what I said
in all the above , here's an example below for you . 

Caption : WHY AM I SO FAT ????
Do you guys not see girls post this on Facebook ? 
I see this all the time ! They're so fucking slim or a super ridiculous standard size that fat girls yearn for , and they are complaining that they are fat .........? And when guys assure them that they are not , they will go like , "oh stop lying to me , I need to go on a diet" .


Caption : HAHA omg I am boobless .
Posting a picture with
SUPER OBVIOUS cleavage and saying that you're boobless or flat . Maybe the person really have small boobs , but why are you telling that to everyone ? ( We will know later )

Caption : Omfg , my hair is so curly and damaged .

Caption : My lips are so ugly ):

I am not against those that are saying it , 
but before every blog post , I always discuss with people around me , "is this wrong to say ?" . 
"Am I being mean ?" etc . But , I think that's what we see in Facebook every now and then , and people are bound to say something mean so don't say I am the only mean one .  People around me just say , "People say bad things about themselves so that they could gain more praises from others. " 


Otherwise , 
why would someone post a beautiful picture and yet talking shit about themselves ? Obviously hoping for some person to prove them wrong and tell them how amazing they are . They are not people with low self esteem , they are confident enough to post up pictures on the net(which is themslves) , SO WHO SAYS THEY ARE PITY PEOPLE WHOM ISN'T CONFIDENT AND FEEL SUCKY ABOUT THEMSELVES ? 

Then you may say , 
" but Chrysan , don't you say you look ugly too ? " 

 YEA ? 
But I already said I may look nice on the net not in real life . EVERY picture lies to a certain extend . Really . Even if I were to post up pictures , I am no longer afraid to get judged by people like I used to . Just recently , I posted up an album with pictures of me and my brother when I just woke up . No lens , no make up , no nothing . All my Facebook friends including 2k subscribers could see it because I don't wanna let people think that I am hiding . I don't care how you guys think I look without make up . Make up makes you look prettier , but depending on it is just plain stupid . (Unless you have really unsightly scars) . I admit , I used to think allowing others to see how I look without make up is horrible . But now I am no longer thinking that way . Despite how people might think I am so so so ugly without make up , I don't see a point why I should be upset anymore . 

Reason : 
I look ugly without make up but I am definitely not the worst . There are still "pretty" girls out there who look fucking ugly without make up , you guys just don't know because they never post pictures of themselves without make up . I would rather let you guys know then to keep hiding and acting like the pretty little girl , come on , every idiot knows that it's make up that's giving me the "still-can-make-it-beauty" . It's better than girls nowadays who don't even let their boyfriends see how they look without make up , RIDICULOUS . If your boyfriend dumps you , not only can you know you genuinely look ugly , you can also know he's just after your "after make up face" anyway . 

Ok abruptly ending the blog post
here because I wanna go eat some sweet stuff . LOL OK SEE YOU SWEETIE  ♥.♥