Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mad chio clothes & cheap steals ! ♥

Advertorial : Shop @ Grace Vion

I believe MANY of you 
out there wants to own pretty clothes but worry about the cost of it at the same time am I right ? I have this amazing piece of news for you guys ♥ ! ADMIT IT , you guys wants some cheap steals ! If you guys are wondering , what is Grace Vion ? Well , it's not a shop name or anything , Grace is a wonderful girl who used to sponsor me super chio contact lens ! And now she's selling away a good amount of BRAND NEW goods ALL AT THE PRICE FROM $4 - $20 ONLY !!!!!!! ( I sound like a total cheapo . FACE IT YOU WANT CHEAP & NICE STUFFS)

Grace is selling off
clothes , contact lens , shoes , facial masks , double eyelid tapes , rings , spectacles and many more really cute items ! ♥ It's definitely worth your time to browse through what's available ! Here , I'm gonna show you guys some of my favorites from the whole lot of stuffs she's selling :D

A little feminine top ! Only selling @ $10 !

Super chio top $10 also !!

Wanna seduce someone ? Buy this off shoulder top only @$15 ! Kidding la , never seduce can buy ! ♥♥

Floral tops are totally trendy  , $10 only !

Polka dots + romper = cutest combination ever ! $15 only !

I remember people asking me on my Formspring where to get bralets ? Here you go ! Demin bralet @ only $20 .

I see many people wearing this , $15 !


Double eyelid stickers : 

 Even though I already have double eyelids ,
I still really wanna purchase them because I want a pair of more obvious double eyelids for myself !

Grace is selling off Facial masks @ $1 each !

Rings .

And shoes !

My wardrobe's gonna need more space ,
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna order some myself from Grace ! If these clothes I shared ain't your style , check out more at Grace's HERE :D

Enjoy viewing and quickly grab what you want before Grace runs out of stock ! :D