Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Days !

I've got no idea how to start this
blog post . Let pictures do the talking and they'll be my guide as I go through the photos along with you guys ! :D  P/S : FULL OF UNGLAM PHOTOS . I look so ugly in all the photos ! But who cares about how ugly I look , it's the fun that's important ! I really enjoyed myself so much ! It's been a long time since I last felt so happy ^~^  And I just really wanna share all these happy moments with you guys . Here we go !
Le boyfriend ♥

KBOX @ Cineleisure !

 That day ,
Ginity , Zon , Andrew came to find me nearby my house , all of us were wearing
casual clothes & with our naked faces besides Zon HAHA but we had no plans at all . We made our way to Queensway Macdonalds to have supper around 12AM and decided we shall head to Cineleisure's KBOX since it's the nearest KBOX outlet from my house ! I signed up for KBOX member that very day and had 1 Martell since they offered me a really good ....... package ? Haha

We had room 33 lololol

Ginity & Andrew !

Zon , Andrew :D

 Ginity's high at the back already hahahhaha

Singing and choosing songs at the same time wth
 This totally reminded me that ,
that night , Andrew actually chose the Korean song "Fantastic Baby" . And we all thought he couldn't sing . But wtf he sang the whole song perfectly and we were like so shocked ?????? HAHAHA . Looking back it was so hilarious !

 I thought Zon was really using the Mic cause his voice was really
loud , but then I realized wtf .... this is how he used the Mic HAHAA fml .


He thinks he looks like a pimp like that . OH REALLY ? :@

I have like horrible looking lips in this picture that I HAVE TO censor it HAHA
 All photos were taken using iPhone that day ,
it seemed to plain that I just thought maybe I would have some fun with some camera apps I bought and edited it with those ........ hahahha

P/s : Check out Ginity in the background ♥

She kissed me on my cheek . Just kidding , my lips I meant .

 I swear we had so so so much fun !
I haven't felt so happy for a long time and I haven't been going out . But that night I enjoyed myself so much ! I wish I could spend more days happily like this :D

We then went over to an Indian coffee shop and
had Breakfast ? Heh . I had mutton soup with rice though !


Just the other day , Zon
fetched me from school ! We had lunch together and so much more ! Andrew joined us for dinner at Hong kong Cafe too :D 

I ordered Baked rice with chicken chop , I finished the rice but didn't eat much of the chicken at all ):

Andrew's !
 Both Zon and Andrew ordered like a mountain of NOODLES
seriously !!!!! Just look at that horrendous portion of food ............... I don't think I would ever be able to finish it !

Zon's !

I was initially using my own phone to spam
all these "zi lian" photos since I'm a narcissist but Andrew took my phone away ! So I started taking photos using Zon's phone ........ I'm so sorry Zon LOL .

And also times where we just started taking silly photos !
But guess what we were doing before that ? We were talking about all those creepy ghost stories and rumors ........ wtf and a lot more we just started to freak out LOL . 

I really love my boyfriend's cap ! ♥♥♥♥♥


Pig resemblance 99.99% alike omg

Pointing at my ugly teeth ):

I snatched the cap from Andrew again , love it LOL !

Muuuuuuuuacks ! :-***

Dig nose lo ~~~

Hahhaha okay this is about all !
Can't wait to print them out and paste them on my wall :D
Sending Ahboy (my dog) to grooming later 10AM in the morning . And maybe off to Elvin Yong's tattoo studio !! Excited . Ginity's also coming over my place now in awhile's time , such a pleasant news for me ♥  Direct all questions to my Formspring , ciao ! ♥