Sunday, 12 August 2012

Whole chunk of personal information for you .

Yes !! Finally I have some time
aside to blog for myself and for you guys ♥ !

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For the whole week , I could say my life have been a bore . 
But I met up with some of the most important friends of my life the past few days and I was really really elated ! And now , I'm back to reality , stuck at home ALONE . This feeling really sucks , I don't know if any of you feel the same way as me , but here's how it is like . Firstly , it's a Sunday . I have absolute no plans and it seems like I have no one to talk to . It would be great if someone's home , but NO ONE IS AT HOME AT ALL . I feel suffocated in my own room all the time , so I just went to the living room , sat down ................... and wtf I did nothing . Seriously NOTHING . And that upsets me because it feels like I'm alone and I really am . 

To me , I'm fine with having only a few friends
and always mixing with them , but the thing is , I HATE to feel alone . And then , home doesn't feel like home . I believed I've complained about this a MILLION times when I first started this blog , and seems like it's still the same ? Lol

And the other day , I woke up , 
logged into my Facebook and I was in shock ! FACEBOOK GAVE ME TIMELINE AND I HATE IT . I'm not used to it , seriously . Ever since timeline came up in Facebook , I've been hoping that they will never change my Facebook profile to timeline , but that very day it did -__________- . I'm slowly getting the hang of it , and updated my profile with a cover photo as well ^_^ ! Thank god my second Facebook account's profile is still the old version . 

This was a thought that came up my mind and decided to tweet that . How about you guys ?
HAHA LOOK , this was a photo taken yesterday ! I didn't draw my brows or apply any eyeliner , looking hilarious !
Oh , and I mentioned I met up with some
important friends of my life right ? Look at the picture above ! He's Thomas , hahhaha he cooked instant noodles for me cause I've been complaining I was starving ! It's been a long time since I last met him , here's what happened . 4-5plus AM early in the morning , I received a call from Thomas , it was super random cause he wanted to go have breakfast at that timing ! And since Xiaohao was with Thomas and he's driving , I decided I would go have breakfast with them as I just woke up when he called me anyway !

They both came to fetch me
at my place in the morning , the funny part is , we initially wanted to head to Geylang to have Breakfast and dimsum , but some how Xiaohao drove all the way to Bishan and then to Hougang wtf . So we decided we shall just stop at NEX shopping centre then . IT WAS FREAKING EARLY , NO SHOPS AT NEX WAS OPENED ! So we decided to give Yu Tat (Ronald) a call , since he lives nearby and it has been decades since I last saw him . We drove to a coffee shop nearby and waited for Yu Tat to come , and when he came we had breakfast there ! Very traditional breakfast , like two eggs and toast bread hahahhaha . 

In case you guys do not 
know who is Yu Tat , he's a really really good friend of mine too , he's name appeared in my blog almost everyday in the past ! But since we both got attached , we haven't been contacting . Try searching his name in my blog at the side bar on your right , you will find silly posts about us and what we did in the past ! E.g when we were in Club Soul : 

Me , Samuel , Yu Tat (in blue) , Louis (beside me in white) , Yu Tat's friend and my beloved Peixin !
And yes ! I met up with all of them tooo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY GIRL :D 

After Breakfast , we all headed
to Thomas' place , Louis , Peixin and her boyfriend Kelvin came to meet us as well ! In the evening , we headed off to AMK to meet up with Samuel . Even though we didn't do much , I was really elated to see them ♥♥♥♥♥ I would steal any chance to meet them again like that day .

And here , not forgetting this sweet girl too ♥ .......
Sometimes it's not about how sweet people makes things sound , 
it's about the things they do that proved so much that no words could describe . I'm someone who's easily fooled by sweet talks ,  really . Anyone who has a glib tongue could just melt my heart like butter , I'm REALLY GULLIBLE . But then , those little gestures that are done by people around me are even even even better ♥ ! I love it (': 

Ginity & I are really great friends .
Whenever I go out , whoever asked me out , I would always ask Ginity along , she was never out of my plan ! We stick to each other like glue , and worst , we do real silly things together . Reminiscing about our past makes me feel like showing you guys some of our photos in the past ! Here you go : 

This was 2011

And she's also the only person 
who I've used our photo as my Facebook profile picture . Otherwise , my FB profile picture have always been ME , MYSELF & I . And this , was the profile picture : 

This was during April 2011
 slowly till recently ........... 

 *overly excited Chrysan*

Me & Yu Tat , 2011 !

Yu Tat & I at Soul Club , I was holding a soft toy LOL
 Me and Yu Tat hated each other , 
but the thing is , if we haven't got the same birthday , I think we probably still wouldn't talk to each other ! HAHAHA it's rare to find someone who has the same birthday as me (: 

Yu Tat , Xiaohao , me and Peixin HAHAHA omg past memories ♥

Prawning at Punggol !

Louis and I at Club Royce !

Peixin & I outside Club Soul 5 days before her birthday ! That's the day I really knew that asshole Yu Tat , I really disliked him then .

At Volcano before we went Punggol LOL !

Yu Tat & I are really close friends , we hung out almost everyday then !
 We went shopping together , talked about anything !

Peixin and I this or last year ? I can't remember !

Peixin and I outside Far East LOL ! I believe the person who took this photo was Yu Tat -'-
Ginity & I ahahaha fuck this photo is really retarded .

Me & Ginity at the Arcade LOL . WE DID EVERYTHING SILLY !

Ginity piggy back me ♥

When I just had my ugly hair cut , outside Chambers !

At Sakura last year !

At Plaza sing ! Ginity x Peixin omg ♥♥♥♥ Double happiness LOL

I don't know what is wrong with me in this picture hahhaha .

Peixin & I , first neoprint together ♥ I still remembered at that period I was busy working ! She visited me at my work place EVERYDAY . She was the best ♥

After Club Royce that day where everyone started saying I look like Smurf ! YU TAT WAS WEARING MY SHADES ! Hahha speaking of the shades , it's still at Peixin's place right now :@ !!!!

OKAY , BACK TO MY LIFE NOW ! Here's some photos 
taken recently only ! ♥.♥
Breakfast at Meiling Market with Ginity , Andrew and one other anonymous guy which I would prefer not to say his name .

Grocery shopping at Shengshiong after that AHHAHAA

And sent my dog to grooming too !!! Requested to have a lion hairstyle for him wth hahaha love is furball tail ! ♥♥

Cooked dishes at home myself ^^ !

Supper @ Hong Kong Cafe with Ginity and Zon ! Had so much fun ^^
 That day , Ginity and Zon was so fucking sweet ! 
I was tweeting and complaining on twitter how hungry and thirsty I am . And awhile later , THE BOTH OF THEM APPEARED OUTSIDE MY DOORSTEP WITH MY FAVORITE FOOD AND DRINKS . MY HEART REALLY MELTED I SWEAR THIS TWO AARRGHHHH I LOVE THEM ♥.♥

Watched the Thai horror movie "I miss u" that day at Cineleisure ,
with Andrew & Zon ! Zon is a fucking chicken I swear HAHHA . I mean both of us are , throughout the whole movie we were freaking ourselves out . But the movie "I miss u" is really freaking amazing and definitely worth watching ! REALLY MEANINGFUL MOVIE . 
As usual narcissist me starts taking photos LOL . 
(I wanted a new cover photo for my Facebook timeline that's why)


Okay , that should be all . 
Suddenly reminded that I have school tomorrow , come to think of it , I haven't really known anyone from MDIS yet ): Any of you study there ?!