Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Life goes on ?

Sometimes I wonder , 
why do people still read my blog when it's such a bore ! 
To some people , I am a failure in relationships . When people start assuming things about you , you start doubting yourself as well . And here I am doubting myself , do I really suck at that ? What is relationship really ? For the past few days I've been thinking everything related to that , posted statuses on Facebook regarding my thoughts . In THIS century , do you really treat someone the best you can ? Because I still believe in doing it . Do others opinion really matters when it comes to the sensitive topic "Love" ? 

I'm getting confused , 
mentally exhausted and mind fucked . But one thing for sure , I still stick to my own beliefs . 
I feel probably it's time for a break . A long break off relationship because , if I do not , I either continue hurting people around me ........ or continue hurting myself . Just don't ever get into a relationship if you haven't really got over the previous one . It'll never end up being good . 

Silent break ups 
are one the killers . Why ? Because you don't know what's going on , and you just broke off with someone with no reasons and it feels as if suddenly you lost someone special without knowing why . Silent break ups doesn't give you a chance to explain , there's no space for negotiation , you've got complete no say in it . Undeniably , break ups hurts . Whether or not you loved the person , it would still hurt . Because you're leaving someone whom you shared amazing memories with , you've lost someone whom you were once closely attached with . But sometimes it's better to not know the reasons behind those break ups which would probably hurt you more . How about you ? 

Sometimes I wake up 
feeling hmm lost . Besides school , school work , what else could I do ? Blog about my feelings like I used to ? Should I ? Because when I blog about my feelings , people just judge isn't it ? I didn't really went out , didn't had fun at all . But I did met up with two dearest people in my life , Peixin and Vincent ♥

That day , 
I fetched Peixin from her school Macpherson ITE , then accompanied her to Kathib to fetch her boyfriend , while she was with her boyfriend already , of course I let them be and left ! So I left to Choa Chu Kang to meet Vincent and his friends ! His friends were really amusing people hahahha . Had dinner there and waited for Peixin to join us at CCK ! 

 This is Vincent , 
yes he's not those good looking types or whatsoever . But he has been an amazing friend , he's just like Peixin , in fact they both know each other ! He's someone who wouldn't leave me on the lurch . I knew him when I was working at Jurong , where Peixin comes down to my work place EVERYDAY to accompany me . He was one of the customers that came down often , then we made friends , and of course with Peixin too ! ^^ 

 We don't meet often AT ALL . We seldom
meet up , neither do we always contact . But we both mean a lot to each other . Just like me & Peixin , we don't contact everyday , we don't meet up often , but still we love each other ♥ So when I finally got to see the both of time , I felt so happy ! Each time I spend time with them , I make sure I make full use out of it and be as happy as possible to make their days awesome as well :D 

Vincent's friends !

I forced him to show his teeth HAHAHAHA

Instagram @ KittyVonnC , my dog wants my cream puff !
 And then two days ago ,
I met up with Peixin ! We were supposed to head into Johor Bahru to have some fun etc , but we met up late , so we couldn't make it to JB in the end . So we headed to Bedok , met up with Christy and headed to East Coast Park ! My hair looks horrendously ugly in all the photos ! Due to the really strong wind while we were driving and while we were at ECP ):

I really wanna trying
flying a kite someday ! Tell me more tips and information on that and I'll do it hahahha  .

Filters by Instagram , follow me on Instagram ! :D 

The car was moving , ain't my fault that my hair turned out ugly in all the photos !


After we had dinner we headed to my place , 
and all we did was ............ she was using my  desktop while I'm on my bed using my laptop -______-
By 5AM both of us fell asleep HAHAHAHA . But before I end this blog post I've a video ! ( I was just teasing Peixin and I find it funny )