Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Old shoes , NOT ?

Warning : Wordy , but reflects my heartfelt thoughts .

 Nowadays , I kept seeing people around me 
gossiping and complaining about people around them wearing each other's "old shoes" . What the fuck ? To make it simple for some of you guys who don't get the idea of "old shoes" , it actually refers to your ex girlfriend/boyfriend . People around me has been saying "oh this dude/chick is wearing my old shoes" . Hello ?

Or some guys
really treating their ex girlfriends like shit . Saying , "oi brother why you wanna wear my dirty old shoes ?" . Something like that . And hence many guys didn't dare to get together with any girls as long as the girl is one of their friends/brother's ex girlfriend . Do you really think this is fair to the girls ? 

As girls ,
we are already in an disadvantage from the start . Firstly , when girls lose their virginity and get fucked , you people call her slut , loose girl , cheap , no standard and all sorts of nasty names and remarks . Whereas guys ? You guys call him a legend , pro , just because he fucked many girls . Just because of one saying , "A key that can unlock all locks is a good key . But a lock that can be unlocked by any key is a bad lock ." (Locks referring to girls and keys to guys) Come on ?? Have you guys ever know how being us girls felt like ? Do you even know why we sacrifice our own bodies ? 
Let me help all of you to take a clearer look . 
Take my story as an example . I first lost my virginity to my ex boyfriend . You ask why did I give it to him ? I would say because I loved him . I don't see why is it wrong to give it to him when I love him and when I CAN . I don't see how having sex with my then very amazing boyfriend is being considered as being sluttish . Because I DID NOT fuck around . So how is that wrong ?

Then , he left me .
It took me a long time to fall in love with the next guy and trust them again .
Yes , we had sex . But then again , I was trying to minimize to the minimum possibility that he would leave me . Some people would understand how I feel , some people just don't see the picture . Here's how I thought that time , I thought to myself "If I don't let him have sex with me , would he leave me ? Even if he didn't leave me , what if he went on to fuck another girl because I could not give him what he wants as a man ?" 

I love him , 
and that's why I do it . I fear losing him , and that's why I allowed him to . Do you guys really think we girls were trying to be slutty , loose , cheap with no standard ? I could've kept my virginity , but that would mean I've never loved any of them . However , you guys never understood the agony in us girls . Know why ? Because for each guy I trust , with my love , and BODY , when they left me , it's as if I've lost everything and cheapen myself . I do not like that at all . I could only say I trusted the wrong person . I always trusted them so much that I didn't expect them to leave me . I always thought it wouldn't be a mistake . But each of them just proved me wrong , take my trust , faith , love and body for granted . You've no idea how agonizing that could be .

People asked me not to trust
any other future guys who's gonna be with me . However I would like to say , I don't want to doubt my future boyfriend ? I feel if I love someone and he feels the same way , he DESERVES my trust . I might not trust him with my life , but I could be sure to trust him that he will not leave . My ex boyfriends was a mistake I know , pretty stupid mindset I know . But that's me , I don't wanna be unfair to my next boyfriend just because of the mistakes that my previous ex boyfriends did . It's not fair to him . 

So back to topic ,
why are some of you people so against and stereotype against guys getting together with girls who once had a relationship with their friends ? Don't you think it's stupid to let go of someone whom you could potentially have an amazing relationship with just because he or she is once your friend's ex ?

Even though the outcome after putting up a good fight may not be what they wanted , at least they could safely look back without regrets , saying "At least I tried , at least I've did all I could ."

But can you ? 
Stupid guys and girls who let go of someone they love for FACE is one major stupidity that I really look down on .

Translation for you : A man who really deserves respect , is a man who sacrifices his pride , ego and himself for the dearest woman who's by his side . 

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