Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tried new make up !

This is so random . 
I just took all these photos last night ! Tried a new style of make up too :D 
 And yes just some photos , GIFS and videos hahaha

I don't know why I can't upload my video , aargh .


I was just too bored .
Sometimes I really wonder if I could ever make it for my studies . What if I can't ? My life still have to go on . And I wonder when is my Mr Right ever fucking appearing , as the number of ex I have increases , I feel worst , like I'm a horrible person y'know ? Anyway if any of you happen to use Gushcloud or know what it is , subscribe to me there @KittyVonnC ! You can earn $$$ there too hahahha . I'll be starting to use that soon , just like how I use twitter , will be posting up my latest updates , videos photos etc :D

Man I wish someone
would just accompany me for a day to USS , Sentosa , and any other peaceful place where I could just have fun and enjoy the breeze . I wish money comes by easy but ok I know no such thing in the world LOL . When would I ever starting liking someone who feels the same way as I do ): ......