Monday, 8 October 2012

Amy Cheong

Amy Cheong , Amy Cheong , Amy Cheong ! 
EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT AMY CHEONG ! Who is she ? Amy Cheong is being trended on Twitter and seriously it's getting on my nerves . My timeline is filled about her and WHY is Singaporeans always trending people like Amy Cheong ? It's as if Singaporeans are embarrassing ourselves by trending the "shames of Singapore" . 

Let's take a look
at who are the "shames of Singapore" who are being trended by us , Singaporeans in the past few months before Amy Cheong . We had  :

 Adelynn Hosehbo

Aaron Tan

Alex Ong 

Amanda Bieber

Ahlian on Mrt

Auntie on Mrt

AND NOW AMY CHEONG ?! #BadLuckAs or just coincidental ? (I've blogged about the above people , if you've missed them out , click HERE to find out more )

Let's get into the topic . 
Basically what actually happened could be summarized with ONE PICTURE and you'll understand everything . And THIS is the reason WHY : 

Amy Cheong posted crude remarks on Facebook statuses on how much
she detest Malay weddings being held at the void decks of HDB , she then goes on to insult the culture of traditional Malay weddings by indirectly saying that Malays can't afford to pay for a real & official marriage . She then added on that Malays get married at a really cheap rate paying only $50 ! For that , she called Malays getting married under void decks of HDB 'assholes' . 

And most likely one of her
Facebook friends found her status really offensive and took a screen shot of her blunt and crude Facebook statuses and posted it online which caused this whole "Amy Cheong" thing to go viral . Guess what ? The above screen shot isn't the only thing that she posted ! Amy Cheong posted this too : 

Over here she then goes on and said VOID DECK WEDDINGS SHOULD BE BANNED . 
She even said if one could not afford a proper wedding then those people shouldn't be getting married . Amy Cheong is indirectly saying that Malays who get married under void decks could not afford to arrange a proper wedding and hence have to get married under void decks !

For what I know , 
for Malays to get married under void deck is a tradition and NOT because they cannot afford to get married or arrange a proper wedding . Some Malays even have wedding dinners at exclusive hotels after having a proper traditional wedding ceremony at the void decks . So what's wrong with Malays following their traditions of getting married ? 

So now a little background information
about Amy Cheong , she works at NTUC membership , studied at University of Western Australia (probably the reason why she has an angmoh husband and why people assumed she's a PR) . 

And according to her Facebook information , 
her martial status is currently "It's Complicated" . She probably is having a horrible time trying to save her own marriage that's why she puts all her hate & anger on the Malays who were getting married under her void deck LOL . 

Amy Cheong definitely
angered many of us , including me even though I'm a Chinese . What I could say is , seriously Amy Cheong you're stupid that's all . I mean yes it's a very racist and offensive remark ! But all of us are racist to a certain extend don't deny that . We come across racist remarks online almost everyday of our lives . Indeed it is very insulting of Amy Cheong to say that , but however I believe there are even worst racist remarks going on online but we just don't know because we didn't trend them . It's actually quite silly to be trending Amy Cheong over this issue , however on the other hand good job so Amy Cheong could learn her lesson . Which is ------------ Even if she's racist , she shouldn't be posting it online . LOL

Alright Singaporeans , let's all get done with laughing at Amy Cheong and move on with our lives ! Decrease the hates and make Singapore seem more loving

UPDATE: It is heard that Amy Cheong had apologized & got fired from her NTUC job . She got hated on , fired from job , having a "it's complicated" relationship & flew off to another country . It's bad enough . It's not that she's forgiven by just all the above happened , but at the same time hating on her doesn't make us feel better either . Peace !

Update 2 : This issue has gotten our prime minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong's attention (Screen shot as shown below) and Eve Tan whom sort of taken Amy Cheong's foot steps . 

Lee Hsien Loong above and Even Tan's screen shot below :