Monday, 29 October 2012

The $50 challenge !

Last week , 
I had a random arrangement with Ginity to head out to Bugis for a date , since it has been quite awhile since we've met up with each other . And right before meeting her , I met up with a really good friend of mine , Benjamin too !

OOTD that day !

Before Ginity came I was
MAD excited because I've convinced her to have 'The Soup Spoon' with me for lunch ! BUT WHEN SHE FINALLY CAME , SHE TOLD ME SHE ATE ALREADY *#&$9#*&$(@*&%(@*&#%@ !!!! 

But since I was literally starving , 
both Benjamin & Ginity still accompanied me to The Soup Spoon for lunch ! Love their soup , tasty ♥ ! The one below is the mushroom soup , I ordered a set meal ! And instead of getting the Ice lemon tea , I swopped it for an apple ! LOL

 Their Ceasar salad really tastes super good !

After having lunch at The Soup Spoon , we headed to Bugis street !

Since we were at Bugis street where is
very popular amongst girls nowadays to get their clothes , Ginity & I decided to do a "$50 dollar challenge" over there ! My aim was to get as many good buys as possible within $50 at Bugis street . And I guess it wasn't that bad ! ^^

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And guess what ? 
I managed to get THREE pieces of clothes , THREE branded masks and THREE accessories over there at Bugis Street all within the budget of $50 ! Check it all out below ♥ !

It's the Leaders mask above ! It's sold in watsons and other popular stores in town , 
but I managed to get them at a much cheaper price than the market price ! I bought the whitening , lifting and the brightening one ! ^^ 

For the accessories above , I've gotten one necklace and two bracelets ! 
I took a long time choosing over at the store , and here's what I've got ! ^^ 

I got this one above because it says "FREEDOM" . 
Somehow the moment I saw it , I was immediately attracted to it , moreover , I love the design ! It relates to what it says :D 

This one above says "Love Bravely" . 
It is true isn't it ? If you wanna love , love bravely !

I love this necklace I bought ! It just
gives me a really vintage-feel , AND MOST IMPORTANTLY , I like the bronzey color it gives :D

FOR THE CLOTHES , here it is ! 

I love this one , 
it's so cute ! I was quite worried about the length of the straps when I bought it , 
then I realized it is actually adjustable !!! ONE OF THE BEST BUYS ♥ 

A very simple black dress , stretchable and comfortable material ! 
But it actually reveals the both sides of your waist , adds a hint of sexiness to your simple black dress ! 

What's popular nowadays ? 
The bralets ! And I managed to get this one , which was the last buy of the $50 dollar challenge ! I love love love this . I was deciding between a pink floral one , and this (demin) one . Personally , I prefer the floral one , however in comparison of material and how the demin one suits me , I bought this demin one in the end ! 

That's all my buys within the $50 dollar challenge for that day ! 
I would be doing a challenge every month to blog about , do stay tune and read up if you like it !