Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Compilation of these few weeks ! ♥

Just like what the title says , 
this blog post is about the compilation of my life and what I have been doing these few weeks ! It's mainly all gonna be photos , which I'm gonna be using them to walk you through what has been going on . And that means ......... lots and lots of photos . I already tried cutting down the amount of photos in this blog post to the very minimum !!! 

I guess it's last week ? 
I had a date with this really cute dude , he's Kaiming ! I've introduced him to you guys in the previous blog posts before if you noticed ! Not really a date but , since there's only the two of us , let me call it a "date" and be shiok about it for awhile la right ?! Since I've been single and all ............ HAHAHHA pathetic me . 

When I was done preparing , 
I was so apprehensive over what I was wearing because I've never really wore that top out except for school etc & what's more matching it with a bottom I've never did before . But since Kaiming assured me that it was okay , here I'm gonna show it to you guys ! 

 My OOTD(Outfit Of The Day) , posted on Instagram too !
Tribal top , black skater skirt , envelope clutch and an really simple leather shoes . Along with my Canon 600D to take photos of course ♥ !!! I especially like something about this tribal top , is that it's sleeves goes all the way down to my hands and has a opening at the end to allow my thumb to hook in like a pair of gloves !!! Lovely :D
So then , he came over to fetch me
 and we headed off to Ikea first for what I was craving ! IKEA MEATBALLS ! #fuckyeah best meatballs I've ever had in my entire life . Now that I'm talking about it , I'm definitely craving for it ! 

 The legendary ............. LOL 

 I love everything about it . The meatballs , the sauce , the potatoes ♥ .......
But somehow I've never touched the jam that came along with the meatball dish ! Are you guys the same ? 

And loser Kaiming
 didn't dared to try the meatballs so he ate this instead ........ hahaha .
Ikea's pasta ! I've tried this too , but I ordered it with meatballs the other time . It's super nice too !!!!!! But meatballs still wins :D

 Kaiming looks older than usual right here ! 

 I was having fun taking photos and when I reviewed it ,
I saw this picture ..................................................................................

 I totally laughed out loud !!!!
I mean look at his face LOL . It's as if he's looking at the camera lens wondering what is it . Save the time trying to imagine it , because I've gave you an example right below ...... LOL 

Ok , hahahha lame joke !!

 Buying drinks at Ikea is worth it because it's like you can just
keep refilling your cup with Ice lemon Tea or coke . LOL I'm not  sure if we're allowed to do that but I guess we all have been !!!

After having our lunch at Ikea , 
we decided to take a cab and head down to Bugis Junction for neoprints ! But sadly when I reached there the neoprint shop is no longer there ): ............... Where else in Singapore I can take nice neoprints like the old one at Bugis Junction ?! Fill me with info please !!!! 

And since the neoprint shop closed down , 
I immediately went straight for YAMI yogurt ! I never fail to buy YAMI whenever I reach Bugis Junction , I mean it's so damn nice !!!!!! Frolick doesn't lose out either though ! I think my YAMI yogurt looked so pretty I just quickly took a shot and posted it on my Instagram

Time passed fast , it was already evening & we had
to head to his lion dance troupe already ! Of course me as a good dating partner accompanied him LOLOLOLOL *thick skin* . Ok la , I don't mind telling you guys , we're not in a relationship , but we're sort of dating . I like him , he likes me , but still need more time to know him as a person , right ? Hahahaha , anyway I'm really happy to head home and receive FB inbox from some of you guys telling me you've seen me and love my hair , flattering , thank you ♥ ! 

After his training at his troupe , 
they decided to play with  孔明燈 (Kong Ming Deng) which are actually sky lanterns which looks like this : 
You actually write your wishes & goals
onto the lanterns and set them away and watch them fly up the sky LOL . It's a really cool thing though ! I thought it was actually really easy to make them fly up the sky la , but to be honest , I tried , and it's difficult ! 

I like it when I have my friends around ,
EngChuan best friend (left) , Kaiming (right) ! And we got our sky lanterns in pink !!!! ♥ 

 Best friend Eng Chuan

 Me writing my wishes !!!! ♥ 

Setting it up ! 
It's quite big in size ! 

Theirs flew up !!!! 

Mine didn't in the end though ): ......
But I guess it's okay because wishes and goals are meant for us to fight for and achieve right !!!! *self comforts* 

And because mine fell instead ....... 
All of them were checking it out like this LOL :

Overall , it has been an amazing day out with 
Kaiming and I've gotten a few good buys at Bugis too ! 
Not to forget , I met up with my favorite girl , Peixin the other day too ♥ !

I'm so jealous of Peixin because she looks so beautiful with little makeup but I can't hahahhaha 

Here's my OOTD that day ♥ !
Black bareback dress , envelope clutch & simple black heels !
We met up
at commonwealth mrt as usual and headed off to Bugis Junction as well because I had to collect stuffs I bought from a blogshop owner over there the other day ! Our plan that day was to CLUB and HAVE FUN . Since it has been decades since we last went to a club together , get drunk and have fun . If you've been reading , whenever I head to a club , most likely I'm always with Peixin hahahha . So then we were deciding amongst Avalon , Butterfactory , Zirca & Avatar ! 

We spent a really long time
trying to decide on which Club to head to , so we thought let's head for dinner first since we were both quite hungry ! And that's where Peixin introduced me to "The Soup Spoon" and I'm craving for it till today !!!!!!!!!!! Became a member too ! 

The Soup Spoon's soup is just simply marvelous ! 
It tastes superb ! I love the soup , the bread , the freaking good salad , everything ! ♥ 
It's such a healthy diet , and you wouldn't even feel hungry after eating everything up , filled with nutrients and calories you need , perfect ! I usually don't even touch bread , but I ate everything wtf ..... it's just too delicious . 

After having our dinner , 
we headed off to Bugis+ and settled down at Coffee Bean to relax and chill waiting for time to pass since it was still quite early for club ! Then we finally decided to go Zirca hahaha . 

 When it's about time ,
we headed off to Zirca and we realized the ladies queue was already horrendously long !!! Aargh , but I still went to queue anyway . But half way through , this really nice guy came up and brought us all the way to the front on guestlist . Didn't queue in the end hahaha .

I had so much fun that night ,
danced , had fun , made new friends even ! Especially when I'm with my special girl ♥ 
Within the same week , I met up with Kaiming & EngChuan again ! 
They had lion dancing at HSBC the other day , 
so I went to Raffles HSBC in the morning to meet up with them , when they're done , we actually went to have Laoban Taohuey early in the morning with two other friends of theirs !!!!!  Laoban Taohuey is my & many of you guys' favorite ain't it ? ♥ 

Had it taken straight to my Instagram as well ! #igaddict
It was so early that we didn't had plans
and all of us were mad tired !!! But then they came up with an hilarious idea of going for a haircut ...... so WE DID . We headed to Hougang for their favorite barber . And that's why Kaiming went from THIS (picture below) : 
to THIS ! (picture below) : 

From fringe , to side comb and shave ! 
I don't know what you guys think , but I think he looks better with side comb ! I like guys who have their hair up instead of fringe covering their foreheads . It makes them looks fresher and older ! Charming LOL . (He detest it himself though)

After Kaiming & Engchuan got their haircut , 
we decided to head off to the nearest mall which was Hougang mall to have lunch ! We had KFC and I saw large amount of students in that area everywhere I went ! Believe it or not , that day was the day where I had SO SO SO SO SO much fun ! I enjoyed myself totally even though we made a fool out of ourselves in public that day . It was the best day I've ever had (: 

Eng Chuan probably thinks he looks sexy here ........... What's your degree of sexiness for this ? Hahaha
 I had my fringe pinned up and hair tied up that day ,
was looking really awful especially when I haven't slept at all ! 

Super visible eyebags that day too !!!!

To be honest , I was so tired .
 All of us were like half dead , but I was kept awake because we had so much fun :D

ahgua ! degree of ahgua-ness can beat steven lim !

 It was then late evening after
having fun and had our jokes played etc , we headed to Bishan Junction 8 to meet up with Ginity ♥ ! 

Uploaded this pic to Instagram that day ! ♥ 
Mine in pink (left) and Ginity's in brown (right) . 

The unbelievable thing was that , 
we headed off to the arcade wtf . We had so much fun , the basketball games , the jubeat games , the soccer games and a lot more ! All 4 of us took part and play , it was perfect ♥ Miss how all of them would just come to my place and have fun , movie in my room etc etc . Memories are so irreplaceable and vivid ♥ 

I'm getting so active
on Instagram that I post photos on it every now and then ! So I'm sharing it in this blog post and walk you through as you see the pictures :D 

Starting from #InstaFood ! 

Favorite Salted Egg Crab the other day with Daddy ♥ !
 I love Salted Egg Crab , ask me how I want my crab to be cooked ,
I'd say salted egg without fail ! It tastes super nice , but I always head into Malaysia to have them , cause it's freaking cheappppppppppppppppp !

 Dad (above) is already 62 this year , but he's still so strong and hyper hahahha . He actually complained about his tummy the other day and he wanted to go on a diet wtf ...........................

Smoked Salmon Baked Rice @ Lenas restaurant ! Became a member with Lenas that day !
 The funny thing is that  ,
I can eat cooked salmon , I can eat raw salmon (love it) but I can't really take smoked salmon -_____-

Oreo milkshake @ Lenas . Taste superb !

Soft shell crab baked rice @ Lenas
 Lenas baked rice is super filling !

Macaroni cooked by Kaiming hahahha this guy is so sweet (:

Pizza Hut @ Christy's home ! Hawaiian and Cheesie delight is totally my favorite . I'm a sucker for lots of mozzarella cheese !
Laoban Taohuey again , Leon bought it for me , ty !

QOO & Plain water = my favorite drinks LOL .

Queensway Katong Laksa stall's curry chicken ♥  !!!!

Lok Lok at Jalan Besar Dickson Road !

Yi Mian @ Jalan Besar Dickson Road

Papitto Gelato @ Vivo City
 It really tastes not bad ♥ 

Papitto gelato @Vivo City

Hot coke with lemon @ Eighteen Chefs (Simei) ! I love it !

Soup Of The Day @ Eighteen Chefs

Seafood Tom Yam Pasta @ Eighteen Chefs ! This one tastes not bad (:

All time favorite Custard Puff


Ordered Oreo Mc Flurry on delivery LOL

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Drink ! Don't have any form of makeup on in this picture , and I was sick ):

Teh Aliah
 Had traditional breakfast that day with Kaiming early in the morning !!
I miss waking up early for traditional breakfasts like this ♥ :D 

Lao Shu Fen

Had KFC @ Bukit Merah that day with Lynn & Kaiming ! Went grocery shopping after that (:

Dishes I cooked myself at home ! :D PRAISE ME

My all time favorite dessert , I always buy these during grocery shopping ! Strawberries & Whipped cream + fresh millk

Traditional Ice Kacang

Corn soup I cooked 

Lunch I cooked !

Strawberries and Whipped cream again (:

And now some other Instagram photos besides food related ! 
Which are mostly my face , the narcissist girl ................ LOL 

My OOTD that day to Vivo ! Top from Cotton On , Bottom from Forever 21 , Shoes from Haute Urban Style , Hair by Chapter 2 HAHA 

Passed by the Singapore Flyer in the car while heading to Christy's !

My hair .

Fish braid I made !


Casual outfit to Queensway Mac the other day !

Ugly face of mine right here ! I fell sick , Bro came into my room and took this photo before he cooked porridge for me

That day where I was sick without make up as well !

Changed the curtains to pink ones the other day !

My small buys from 7-11 and Etude house the other day !

Wearing the Casio watch without make up again LOL I know I look awful without make up , sorry if I scare you guys ):

Duck Face ..................... LOL

Le me attempts to wink , sigh

Ahboy (my dog) in my bro's room ! Hahaha
I've changed Facebook display & cover photos for both my first and second accounts ! 
More photos taken with  DSLR would be uploaded in the next blog post , love you guys ! ♥