Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Afraid of the Sun ? Not anymore !

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Are you afraid of the Sun just like me ?
I enjoy the company of the Sun but I just can't stand staying under the sun for even 5 minutes ! I always get this stingy and burning on my skin whenever I'm exposed under the Sun for too long and the worst thing is , it damages my skin and I'll become even more tanned -.- (I'VE BEEN TRYING TO HARD TO GET FAIRER SKIN !) 

Before we protect our skin , 
we must first learn about the main problems ! There are mainly two types of UV that harms our skin . One that burns our skin and one that ages it . And the other which is currently blocked by the atmosphere . Madness . How to protect our skin daily like that ? 

I especially hate using
suncreens that are sticky , greasy , thick , uncomfortable & SMELLS BAD . I HATE HATE HATE THAT KIND . I would rather not apply any of that sort of sunscreen and go suffer under the sun ! I want something that can last me the whole day feeling light & free ! Most importantly , it must smell good because well ... I've to smell nice for my boyfriend right ? 

There was once where I applied
this facial sunscreen on my face and my boyfriend said it stinks . How turn off is that . But I guess I don't have to worry about all the above anymore ! Biore specially sent me a sunscreen they just got in Singapore and it's now out in the markets ! I got to use it before it was out and I've been using it for quite some time now . Guess what ? I love it ! Even thinking about it now makes me feel happier for blogging about this product to you guys ! 

Presenting to you my new love ....
Biore UV Watery Essence

Biore UV has been the TOP SELLING 
sunscreen in Japan since 2011 ! It has won multiple awards across Asia gaining so much recognition from users of it such as the Japan COSME , Top beauty magazine in Japan VOCE's top pic AND Biteki skincare award ! 

Loyal users of Biore UV is all around Asia for a reason isn't it ? 
Because .... 

Honestly , before I wasn't that skeptical
of the product when I received it BUT I didn't quite believe it either . I still gave it a try and I really don't regret AT ALL . It is INVISIBLY LIGHT FEELING even when it's high SPF with a long lasting double UV Block . I have to say it's water based and high SPF formula is indeed perfect for hot and humid countries like Singapore ! How on earth did Biore put so many advantages together in one ?! Another awesome made in Japan product .

Biore just nailed everything
I need and then I realized Biore UV was also put to test how well it absorbs to our skin . Magically , it absorbs in an instant ! AND AND , before posting up this blog post , I tried Biore UV again and counted how fast it absorbs into my skin . It was like LESS THAN 10 SECONDS WTF . This product is a fucking good invention and seriously did I say that the smell of the sunscreen makes me wanna apply sunscreen more ? LOL it has a light fragrance of lemon like body creams rather than those stupid smelly sunscreen lol & I swear I love the lightness and texture of this sunscreen so fucking much

Did you know ? 
 Besides all of that madness of how much good stuffs in contains , 
Biore UV also has the unique aqua rich technology which causes the sunscreen's texture to turn like water after applying onto our skin with no greasiness or stickiness :D

P/S : I have to say after using it for so long , there's completely NO white over cast after applying it & honestly it feels like there's nothing applied on . Really so comfortable mad love ♥ !! Also I noticed because of it's unique texture , I can actually cover a lot more areas than to using the normal sticky sunscreens , like it tends to spreads out more O_O ! And that makes me wonder how can a product be so damn good . Texture wise , I would like to say it feels very gentle . Allergy tested so not to worry if you've sensitive skin :D !

 For your convenience purposes : 
It is sold at selected supermarkets , hypermarkets , pharmacies and I saw it all around Singapore already ! It is $18.90 (last checked) for per tube at 50ml . Also it is written in Japanese on the tube but it's packaging has an English translation (:

For reference & guide purposes :

I swear this is now my favorite sunscreen now
 I just love how comfortable it feels like after applying on . Now go treat your skin well ! I love you Biore ♥