Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hello JB !

I thought I needed a change 
for my hair to a darker tone . Like brown or something ! I guess I'll be leaving bright hair colors for quite sometime ...... so yeap where else cheaper to dye my hair other than JB ?! Hahaha my boyfriend & I arranged a day off to JB early in the morning ! I guess we left about 10/11AM that day ? But both of us only slept for a few hours ! I was determined to go though . 


We took a cab to Woodlands Custom and make our way to 
Malaysia ourselves ! It was such an amazing start because it's the first time Kaiming and I decide to go in on our own ♥ !

Decided to use SONY Cybershot because I didn't wanna carry my DSLR into JB ! ^^ 

It was a gift from dad though
 When we finally reached Malaysia , 
we took a personal car to KSL shopping mall (as in a car but not a taxi however I still need to pay but we already negotiated how much we will pay) ! Before we took the car , we've negotiated with the driver about the price from custom to KSL mall which is only RM15 !!! Whereas if I take a Taxi I would have to pay more . Their meter on their taxi jumps like mad seriously . 

I was so hungry when I reached KSL !
I just wanted to have breakfast badly . Kaiming and I settled down on a really cute shop which sells taohuey and mini snacks they make ! Haha we had the small portion of nasi lemak which was mad cheap and their taohuey drink AND taohuey is SUPERB . It's so fucking good especially the drink ! Totally can fight with Laoban !


But the nasi lemak jialat la , 
besides the fact that it's of a VERY small portion , I asked before hand what's inside , they said "One kind with egg , one kind with chicken" . I thought egg as in full egg or scramble egg . But ended up on tiny half egg . LOL . But cheap ! 

After having a light breakfast , 
we just went all around KSL mall to see which salon I'm supposed to go to . Because firstly , I came KSL because my sister did her hair there and she recommended me to go ! Secondly , I've NEVER been to KSL , let alone doing my hair here . Thirdly , she(sister) didn't tell me the name of it only that it was "completely black-themed" . But I managed to find the salon (the salons in KSL are all at the same level) , and it's called "KIMLY'S HAIR STUDIO" !

I kept the receipt when I'm home 
that's why I knew which shop I went to . LOL . I headed inside only telling the person how damaged my hair is and I wanted to dye my hair into a shade of dark brown with the best treatment there . So I settled with a dark shade of brown hoping that it would turn out good but ................................. the person told me that if I were to dye brown over my pink hair , it would turn GREEN ? 

I told him I HATE GREEN .
Why would I want green hair ?! But I went along with it still , and after treatment and dying which was only about an hour , my hair really turned green -______-  . But it didn't looked that bad according to my friends and family ! 


IT REALLY TURNED GREEN ! So only my black hair roots becomes brown which is the actual color I wanted .
 The sleepy head was sleeping while waiting for me to be done though ....... hehe so cute ♥ 

Both Kaiming and I was very shocked la
when the hair stylist start blow drying my hair and all because it's like "wtf so the end color is really green ?!" Kaiming still thought I decided on another color while he was sleeping .  But when my hair was silky smooth and all , I can't be bothered with the color , I just love how smooth it is ! 

However that was the ONLY time
where my scalp hurts while I was dying my hair . In the past even when I bleached for 5 times , I didn't even felt a single sense of pain AT ALL . So I was shocked when I felt pain on my scalp for the first time . I guess my scalp is damaged (finally you might say) . Sigh . 


Yeap we went toast box !

Barley for me ! Was feeling so unwell ):

Act cute boy

Hehe sleepy head and me

Sweetest boy tried his best to give me all the whites because I don't eat egg yolk . Thank you love

He was transferring all the whites to me LOL

I made him gave himself some egg whites . Because eating egg yolks only is kinda bad right I heard ?

After lunch and walking around KSL with some mini shopping because stuffs there are cheap , 
we decided to take a taxi back to custom and back into Singapore . I don't why , because every time I dye my hair or anything with chemical , I tend to fall sick or have fever . And I was feeling so unwell after I did my hair then , otherwise I would be having seafood at Malaysia Sentosa that day with love already :@ :@ :@ :@ so angry with myself LOL punish me pls .

At night in Singapore that day , Kaiming & I 
had Hong Kong Cafe for dinner ! Yummzzzzzzzzzzz ♥  

Haha I think after dying my hair to a darker tone 
plus having side bangs gives me a very different look and feeling to others ! What do you think ?