Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Arrival of my new Camera !

Not long ago , I tweeted hinting that
I received a new camera ! I didn't wanna tweet much or Instagram anything about it because I only wanna do that & share the happiness of myself only when I completed blogging about it HAHA . Yes happiness of myself , because how many would be happy for you when you get something and (maybe) they don't have it ? Right ? 

But like I always say , 
whenever I'm happy , I always feel like letting my readers know ! (Seems like I have very little happy times then LOL) So anyway back to topic , as most of you know , my cameras are always a gift from my beloved dad . Actually , I really don't understand why he constantly gets me a new Canon Camera . 

Firstly , my dad always start saying ,
"Hey , how do you feel about XXX camera ? Would you like it ? It's nice you know" 
And because he is my dad , I KNOW he likes it , because if he doesn't , he wouldn't ask . So I always replied "YES" . And after discussing much about those cameras he mentioned , I ALWAYS thought it was just a normal discussion or maybe he's getting for himself . Legit isn't it ? BUT IT ALWAYS DIDN'T END UP THAT WAY . What happens ? 

HE WILL FUCKING BUY THE CAMERA THAT WE PREVIOUSLY TALKED ABOUT AND GIVE IT TO ME AS A GIFT . He always end up buying it ! I questioned him so many times , "You gonna buy it right ?" and he will say , "no la , that day I went to see see only" . But end up he always buy the camera for me . 

I know it is a blessing and all , but sometimes I really wished 
he wouldn't spend all that 'unnecessary' on me ! He could've bought things for himself , he deserves to be pampered ... Or maybe save the amount of money considering he's already 63 this year . Yeah , my dad definitely doesn't look like a 63 year old man (picture below) : 
P/S : I ripped these photos from my Dad's Facebook . Sorry dad , you probably won't see this either !

Me & Dad 

Me & Dad again

And I must say he doesn't behave like a 63 year old man either . 
His life seems a lot more interesting than mine ! He definitely knows how to have fun :D 
So besides the fact that he really dotes on me , 
another reason why he buys cameras for me is because he loves DSLR ever since he was young . He's a really loyal user of Canon too ! And knowing that I often need to use Camera for blogging and all , along with his love for me , he knows exactly how it feels like for a person wishing to own a lovely camera . And maybe that's when he puts in all his effort to get me a perfect Camera .
I bet many of you guys wanna know
the model of my new Camera already ! Disclaimer : I wanna say this first , this Camera being in my hands is definitely a waste because I'm not that professional after all . It would be better if it's in my dad's hands . 

The Camera my dad bought me is .....................

This was taken with my iPhone . 

It is an amazing camera & REALLY EXPENSIVE . 
I'm not the professional sort of person who knows everything about Cameras so I shan't say much , but I must say I really love it too ! I'm not sure if this is considered expensive but to someone like me , it is . The body of EOS 7D (meaning excluding lens) is ALREADY about $1800 ! But my dad got it cheaper as mine is Japan-made .

My dad didn't purchase any lens 
because it really isn't necessary especially when he already got me SOOOO many lens before that ! I'm always using my favorite one which is 18 - 200 mm (is that the word ?) . And I was previously using Canon EOS 600D . So it's quite a big change between bodies of the Camera but I just merely moved the lens from the 600D to 7D ! I've blogged & made videos about my previous cameras & lens before and if you're interested in reading you can always search it at the search bar of my blog ! 

In case if you're wondering how my previous 
Camera looks like , it looks like this (EOS 600D) : 

It was taken on Auto Mode by my new Camera , the EOS 7D !

So then when I got my new Camera , 
I was really excited and I started taking random photos of my pup and all . The photos have completely NO filters at all and taken with EOS 7D : 

The boy who was sitting down . Btw , this isn't a filter that I added with my computer but I previously set my Camera on Monochrome .

Boyfriend and the pup ! ♥ (It was obviously a self-shot taken by himself)

Then on one of those days I was sitting in front of 
my computer browsing photos & I decided to use the EOS 7D to take a photo of the computer screen and see how it turns out ! Which explains why in the photos you can actually see the cursor : 

It has been days since I received Canon EOS 7D from my dad , 
and I'm still getting use to it and have a lot more to discover about ! The thing I wished 7D would have that is on 600D is the flip out screen . The flip out screen for the 600D makes it way easier for me to shoot advertorials . However I guess I would have to start shooting my advertorials with the 7D ! But I was really elated okay ! I was jumping all around loving the camera more than my boyfriend . LOL kidding . But I am REALLY REALLY happy and grateful for everything

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Seems like weather's crazy nowadays , 
take good care guys ♥ !