Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I love dinners ! ♥

Dinners is one of my favorites .
You either get good food , nice environment , a form of relaxing time or it's the time where you get to spend with someone lovely & those who makes you smile ! And dinner sometimes could be because you've a special occasion to celebrate :D

But before I start this blog post , 
don't forget that there's an advertorial for Razzle-Dazzle right below this one okay ! Do take a look ^^ 

I always always update
my blog about occasions and things that happen in my life a lot later than the actual date . But , after all I just wanna share with you guys and I would definitely and WILL improve & blog on time . This , I PROMISE . I will try to blog everyday so it's more interesting . However I still have a bad habit that I think you guys would have to bear with , is that I still blog with chunks and  chunks of photos together in one post . And will be in the next few posts x: 

Tell me what you guys would like to read from my blog in the future at my Formspring ? Or you can email me ! I might take some time to reply my emails as I've been quite busy , I know some of you have been sending emails asking where I got some of my stuffs etc ! Will get back ASAP :D 

Yup , 
in this blog post it would be some of the 'dinners' I had recently . I only blogged about the ones where I took photos though ! Starting from the one with special occasion ........................................ 


 Me and a group of Yueyang's friends decided to help out on 2nd April to
give Yueyang a surprise on his birthday but I guess it didn't turn out like a surprise at all LOL .
We had dinner at the VIP room in this buffet place at Parkway Mall . And for some reason it was as satisfying as we thought ! But the best thing is , we get to celebrate his birthday for him ^^

 The VIP room had mirrors all over though , and it's super quite like no music or anything so it didn't create a good environment for people to enjoy their meal ): . The mirrors make it seem so disturbing to see your own and your friend's reflection everywhere ! Feel like it's a place where gangsters exchange the sum of  illegal money they earn hahahahha 

TOP Left to right : Joanna , me , Jim & Wilson
BOTTOM Left to Right : Darwin & Yueyang .

LOL vain me just wanted to take a few photos of myself before reaching the place : 

After having a full meal & a really long and satisfying chat
with the rests that night , I headed off earlier to meet up with my lover boy ♥ I was so happy because he had work the next day and still get up from his bed , head down in his haggard self just to fetch me . Best boyfriend ever ♥ ! 

And me , who's always demanding & spoilt
just forces him to take photos with me hahaha thank you baby , forgive me for putting these photos up on blog . (Still have more to post in the future though)

 While talking pictures my boyfriend went like , "WHY !!! Why use this filter ?!!! This filter like gay hor ?" LOL so , I didn't use that filter which makes our lips orange .

After a few normal shots , I went like , "Eh ! Eh why I got virus meh cannot take photo closer beside me meh ?" 

LOL , we can bicker about almost anything ! 
But it's always me who's picking the small fights . 



Not long back if you followed my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook , I also had dinner at Timbre !
I went there for the first time and I thought , wow the environment is so so so fucking different from other restaurants it's really already worth coming ! What's more when I first tried their food , I was like "fuck I'm in love with it !" 

Really didn't regret going to Timbre that day ! 

Wore a Ralph Lauren tee x Pony tail and out I go ! Wanted something simple and not too sloppy either .
 What do you do when you reach
the place where you wanna have a relaxing dinner at ? Order your drinks of course ! I ordered Tomato juice , and yes according to my Instagram ,  IT IS THE BEST TOMATO JUICE I'VE EVER HAD ! I would fucking go back to Timbre JUST for the tomato juice I swear ! 

Timbre with whom though ? 
With them , haha yes again : 

TOP Left to Right : Wilson , Darwin , Edwin
BOTTOM Left to Right : Me , Joanna , Wilson & Yihon .

This photo was taken outside Rebel and wtf I don't understand why I look like crap in this picture ?? They said it was probably because of the way I smile . LOL , DON'T JUDGE ME FROM THIS PICTURE OKAY ?

Back to dinner , I didn't take much photos cause I was busy 
munching on the foods already . But TIP : Their chicken wings and pizza is a MUST TRY . They're awesome ! Especially the chicken wings ! 

The lights at Timbre went off and the staff knew I wanted to take a picture and needed lights , he was nice enough to use his torch and  shine it for me :D

At the end of the day , it was such a enjoyable time with them & the best thing was , my boyfriend came to fetch me ♥♥♥ *lucky girl is me*


I have a group of relatives from Hong Kong and I don't often see them unless
I fly to HK or when they fly over to SG . And so coincidentally , one of my cousins there is getting married with one of my brother's friend's sister .  It was so coincidental ! But in whichever way , my siblings & I went to attend the wedding dinner ^^ (When I still had quite obvious green hair) 

Left to Right : My niece , sister & me !

Left to Right : Brother , sister and I ♥

We girls have our vain times where we decide to sneak into the toilet halfway through the wedding just to snap photos together hahhaa

Was wearing a studded biker jacket from Topshop . A gift from my lover boy ♥ had always wanted this and he knew !

My niece & I ! Can somebody notice how tired I was that day ?

My sister purposely photo bombing me in this picture with her boyfriend's briefs ? Hahaha fml


There was this day where
I decided to head to Swee Choon to have dinner with my boyfriend . For those who don't know what's that , it is a dim sum shop and it is VERY famous amongst teens and including myself , I love their dim sums too ! To me , it is seemingly like the best place to go to for supper . It's located at Jalan Besar . HOWEVER , suddenly my boyfriend suggested to go to this place ALSO located at Jalan Besar called , "Reunion BBQ" 

In English yes it is called 
Reunion BBQ if you've seen me check in on Foursquare or Instagram but in Chinese which is the actual name you will see at the signboard when you're outside the shop is called "东北人烤肉坊" . However I didn't quite liked the place at first impression even though my boyfriend once told me he really love their food & he had always wanted to bring me there (he finally did) . 

However , to not disappoint my boyfriend , 
I didn't say a thing about the shop . HEY BUT TO MY FUCKING HORROR , I NEVER KNEW I WOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOP LIKE MY BOYFRIEND DID . I thought it was normal BBQ where you guys have to apply butter and all that shit and just bbq .. But really it is not . The staff there does it for you , and if you wanna do it yourself , you may . 

That's not the main point , 
the thing is , their food is SUPERB . I cannot express how much I love it & I always yearn to go back to the shop to slowly savor in the juice of their beef & chicken . Even their rice is perfect . I really detest "油烟味" . The smell where stains on you after having your meal at a hawker , bbq etc . BUT , I would go through all that smell just for their food I swear . It's so delicious I'm missing it already !

LOL I love eating potato strips ! I know it's not worth the money , but when I saw this on the freaking menu I was so temptedd to just order a plate of it .

I SWEAR THIS IS HEAVEN . You can either it is plain after you bbq it OR , you can dip it into different sauces/condiments where you think would enhance it's tastes . The sauces etc is FREE and you can just take whatever sauces you need (: Self service ! I love the sauces .

Again , I'm sorry , I didn't take much photos because I just wanted to enjoy my food ! 
Would be more hardworking on taking pictures since someone got me a new camera and I would blog about this real soon :D :D :D (Super happy about getting the new camera I've never expected !)


Somewhere last month I headed to SCAPE , 
Jteam's office for some paper work and here's my OOTD x Hairdo that day !

Would be at SCAPE every Saturday from now on , from morning till evening ! 
I probably wouldn't bother dolling myself up ): 

However after paper work that day , 
I met up with my favorite girl , Peixin , so unexpectedly !
We had The Soup Spoon at our all time favorite outlet , Bugis ^^ 

Man , putting boyfriend aside , she's the best . We both ordered Caesar salad , but knowing I don't eat egg yolks , she gave me all her egg whites & took away my egg yolks when I didn't even complain ... I love her !

Thumbs up for The Soup Spoon's soft bread and their mouth watering healthy diet !

That's all for this sudden random posts on dinner ! 
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Love y'all ♥♥