Friday, 5 April 2013

We girls love !


We girls just LOVE shopping . 
But I especially love to do shopping at home ! It's EASY , FAST & CHEAP . Previously , I've introduced Razzle-Dazzle to you guys for their beautiful lenses inclusive of discount codes especially for my readers/followers & you guys thought they only specialize in contact lens ! But NO , Razzle-Dazzle sells apparels too ! 

To me , Razzle-Dazzle is mainly like a
online lens shop , but then I felt if I was a customer , I would end up doing some shopping for their apparels too ! I feel so many in one hahaha . To cut this post short , I thought I would just introduce some of my favorite and POPULAR picks from this shop ^^


(Everything I wear from top to toe are sponsored by Razzle-Dazzle)
Starting from what I'm wearing , 
it is the sheer top (#LSLT03) from Razzle-Dazzle which is available in other colors too ! I love that it's sheer as if you're revealing skin but nope . But that isn't the special thing about it ! Here's my favorite part to the top : 

ALL buttons on this top is designed to be the skull in GOLD , I really love the hint of vintage ! It seems as if it's a normal sheer top but the buttons adds an edge to it ^^

The back view of this  top is completely clear and sheer ! ^^

For the bottoms , 
I had my pick on (#SH07) .

There's no need for buttons for this bottom , but in this case it has a zip by the side ! It looks so classy ! :D
However please note to get smaller sizes , 
I'm a size 24/25 so when I got this bottom , I had to alter it tighter and smaller to fit me . But altering didn't cost much for me ! Only $6 if I'm not wrong ^^ 

For the bracelet , 

So when Razzle-Dazzle sells that and decides to sponsor me I was so happy because REALLY , this sort of bracelets are so in trend and looks so freaking beautiful ! And if I purchase at flea outside it still costs more expensive then Razzle-Dazzle ! This product code is "#AB05" , HIGHLY RECOMMEND .

This bracelet is also available in different colors ! 
I kinda regret not getting the cold one cause I think it's so retro , but I thought silver ones would match this outfit more ! ^^

LAST but not least , 
many of you have been asking me where I got my head piece !
Yup , it is also from Razzle-Dazzle . Personally , I SUPER MAD LOVE THE HEAD PIECE . There was a period of time where I was dying to buy this because it looks so freaking beautiful to take pictures with , go to clubs or parties with this would even be cooler ! It can also be a casual day where you just want your hair to be up at the beach or at home , at this hair band would look especially cute on anyone (; 

This product code is "#AH01" , mine is Silver + pearls . 
It is also available in ones with diamonds or gold based ! And FYI , I've received this sponsor quite long ago and till now it is still at it's top notch condition ! The pearls doesn't fall , so don't worry ! I have heard that someone blogshop actually sells the exact same thing but came in faulty wtf . But Razzle-Dazzle ensures it is at the best quality before they send out their delicate products ! 

And did you know , 
I've once wanted to buy the exact same thing in the STREETS of Bugis and it was actually selling at $20+ -.- ? So ridiculous !!! So please don't be cheated by stores outside !! Razzle-Dazzle only sells at $8.90 ! So affordable isn't it ? :D 

Moving on , just in case you guys
are wondering what else does Razzle-Dazzle sells besides clothes , bottoms , contact lens , shoes , bags , accessories , they also sell things like rings , hair accessories , some instocks , dresses , bagpacks , trendy watches , stockings , jackets , galaxy bags , apple products , wallets and some other cute items which you might wanna take a look ! Note : THEY HAVE MALE APPARELS TOO ! Get them for your boyfriends ladies !

Can't wait to shop at Razzle-Dazzle ?
Before you leave my blog to Razzle-Dazzle , read this first ! : 

Yes , get 15% of your 
final bill when you're done shopping with Razzle-Dazzle JUST BY QUOTING MY NAME "Chrysan Lee" ! Just a piece of cake , right ? Do take a look at Razzle-Dazzle's Facebook page where they feature all their products there ! You never know you might find what you want right over there because the amount of products they have is ALL YOU NEED ! 

My previous advertorial for Razzle-Dazzle , click HERE .

 Girls deserves to look good (; 
Pamper yourselves ladies !