Monday, 1 April 2013

A new start .

If some of you know , 
I used to be a part of SMOOVE , the biggest and best night life working team ever in Singapore to achieve the best mixage parties for the people in town . We had the best people working with us , till now I still take pride over SMOOVE . However , I'm now with the rests a part of VAUNT . The new company taking over SMOOVE . Which I believe , we would continue to take mixage parties to greater heights ! 

To cut short explaining , 
I shared this on Facebook few days back : 

"To all the party people,
We sincerely thank all of you for supporting SMOOVE over all these years and we greatly appreciate all you party animals. It has been beautiful, amazing and unforgettable. We really showed everyone that the youth of Singapore really know how to party. However, SMOOVE has now been taken over by VAUNT.

As the new management for the underage industry, we promise to bring to you bigger, better and more happening parties with full of surprises. Do continue to support as we will be throwing more parties for all of you from here on.

This is what we love to do and we want everyone of you to be part of this amazing journey.

[Never Gonna Lose Its Vibe] " 

Yes , this is what we like to do .
To be honest , till today , it still feels like I just started in this industry yesterday . But looking back , I've been with them for 3 years . I still remembered how we are like a big family and STILL AM . If you're a reader of mine , you would know that for the past year , they were the ones who celebrated my birthday for me . If you want , you can read it HERE . They gave me a great surprise really .

And yeap , so during this March ,
most of you great Singapore teens came for both our parties at Powerhouse & Rebel ! Some unglamorous photos of me for you on both days hahaha :

Thought my nails looked kinda plain that day when I woke up , so I decided to paint it red . If you noticed , red nails is my all time favorite ! ♥ Did it with mini OPI I bought when I went JB with my boyfriend recently about 2 blog posts below !
Had cuticle treatment as well ! I don't use this often , supposed to be treated with this once a week !

Many people around Singapore wears gold rings and some of course on the middle finger like I do . I like it best on my middle finger I don't know why , but people just keep mistaking girls who resembles me + wears gold ring on middle finger = me . But no haha .

And I would have to say ,
that I may not be presentable good looking online already , I'm worst in real life ! So probably not as fancy as people whom you see out there who resembles my pictures online . But these pictures taken with phone can't be photoshopped lah so lol .

Love the collar though ! Was sponsored quite long ago by a blogshop . Even did a video ad for them ! Haha

OOTD that day to Powerhouse . MY MIND WENT BLANK when I thought about what I could wear . So I just casually/unprofessionally put on a H&M basic and brighten everything up with a maroon skater skirt ! I love love love this , it is sponsored & my post for this particular online shop is to be up approximately on 10th April (: [There would be 2 blog ads do not mix them up ! Will state which one sells this skater skirt]

My new twitcon here @ChrysanLee . Tempted to change it to the one below though .

Re-Instagram post from Prissy that day ! She's the best operation team back in SMOOVE and my fellow scorpio mate hehe . I love her !

We also got
stickers like this printed out for you people out to party at Powerhouse that day ! I received many good feedback about these that you guys likes it ! I came up with the "She want's the D" but ... I obviously didn't designed it lah !

Numerous stickers pasted on me hahaha

I really love the design of the logo and tagline . Looks so classy !

I didn't take any photos at all but I just wore a basic , bandage , threw a blazer on and off I go ! I hope you guys enjoyed both the parties and Powerhouse & Rebel ! Those who missed it out , don't worry there will be more to come and even more exciting ones ! See you guys around ! ^^

P/S : I'm recruiting , if you're keen , drop me a PM on my Facebook .