Sunday, 26 May 2013

Filming with SLF TV !

Remember how I mentioned
in the previous blog post that I've recently worked with a Youtube Channel called SLF TV ? Yeap ! The video was up about 3 days ago , not sure if you've seen it , but I definitely love it ! Not that I love how unglamorous I looked , but I really love watching the video because the process of filming a short video with so many people in it is really NOT easy . 

But here's the video ! :D 

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I hope you guys could actually
recognize me HAHAHHA . Please watch till the end where we joke about Steven Lim LOL . Please like & share this video on your Facebook or Twitter , would appreciate it very much thank you ♥ !!! 

Initially I thought filming
a video like this is extremely easy , just shoot & it's over . But then I realized keeping track of time is important to ensure that we do not overrun , natural lighting can cause a lot of difference and the initial planned direction of shooting must be changed , professionalism is important as well as you do not want to waste your time away by doing something else on set . Most importantly , you gotta learn how to work well with different kind of people AND remember exactly what you should do so it's easier for the editors to edit your footage . 

But overall , 
I really enjoyed filming with SLF TV ♥ ! They were all so friendly & amazing people . It's really straight forward when it comes to things like this , it's either you like it or you don't . Surprisingly , I really do ! It's tiring though ~

After filming with SLF TV , 
I'm inspired to have my Youtube account active ! Should I make use of my Youtube account then ? Tell me how you feel ! :D