Thursday, 23 May 2013

That personal shit .

Have been so emotionally tortured these days . 
I really wish someone's here to cheer me up . Maybe just giving me a little note could make me happy . Have been running in & out of the hospital due to some personal issues (I'm not the one sick though) . Seeing your closed one getting sick is worst , right ? You can't even do anything about it . Most mind fucking thing ever . 

Therefore due to all the personal issues , 
I wasn't able to have my own time hanging out etc , so of course there won't be any photos of myself or much to blog about , I AM SORRY T_T . But I have been productive okay ! There will be upcoming advertorials for you guys & also I filmed a video with SLF TV recently , it could be up on their YouTube Channel anytime :D ! Click HERE to view their channel but DO NOT LEAVE MY BLOG LOL . But I'll definitely post it up on my blog once it's done ^^ 

Was messing with
my photo album on my laptop earlier on and I really miss blogging soooooooooo badly ! And I feel so guilty when some people tweet/formspring me asking me to update my blog . Not that it's interesting but still lol . SO ANYWAY , I found quite an old photo which wasn't uploaded ! It was taken by my friends from Jteam @ SCAPE/Cineleisure within this month okay x:

Typically , we just tried to do "喜怒哀乐"
My friends and I from Jteam are 
actually working on another short film as well and it should be done by June ! Once it's up , I would put it up on my blog as well . So don't think my blog is dead okay , IT'S NOT !!! Must view everyday and see whether got videos update or not hahahahha . 

Bought a few dust caps recently which matches my iPhone 5 , really pleased with it ! One of my favorites ♥ Features a heart , lipstick , flower and perfume ! So girly totally love it :D

An old photo of my dad & mom in the past . Both photos are taken by Canon & I used my Canon EOS 7D to take this as well LOL . At times before I sleep , my mom often cross my mind . Anything could relate to her . Sometimes I wish I could rewind time . Does anyone actually understand this feeling ? I really miss her presence .
And just about 1-2 hours ago 
after I ordered Mac , I was lazing in my bro's room with my bro and his girlfriend and I got bored so ... snap snap snap ! Photos taken LOL . And of course I never take photos of myself la , I look like zombie all the time already , add on to all the emotional torture these day , I look like zombie x2 -_________-" 

Brother's really sweet . Sometimes we girls gets lazy and refuse to get out of bed and all that crap . And what my bro does , is this . His girl is really lucky . But I feel lucky too ! And blessed to have my current boyfriend (: Who , obviously isn't by my side today *emo girl*

Was carrying my 7 year old Spitz while waiting for my mac

Sinful , I made myself paddle pop ice cream cone today again . Recently I have been eating LOTS of chilled and frozen foods ! Weird craving lol . I should stop this crap before I wake up coughing with phlegm again !

Alright that's all for tonight , will blog again 
in a few days time ! Love y'all ♥ ! And before I go , I always listen to this song since I was quite young , it's a old song but still really nice & meaningful , here it is : 

Goodnight/Good morning ♥ !!!