Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Casting Audition

The other day , 
I got the chance to head down to SCAPE for a casting audition on an upcoming Jack Neo's movie ! 
Again , it is my FIRST time going for a casting audition . Before heading down , all I do is to wonder how a casting audition be like ! 

First impression
of how a casting audition would be like to me is to have many professionals sat in a row in front of you watching you act & giving you really stern looks & telling you to stop when your acting suck lol . But to my surprise , when I reached , it wasn't like this ! 

I received an email 
from the casting director to avoid thick makeup for ladies . 
And of course , I followed the instructions & had light makeup on , headed down to SCAPE with my friend , Sheryl for the casting audition ! I was super nervous though . Who wouldn't be ? Especially when it's the first time not knowing how things would be like for you ! 

I wasn't even sure 
what role I'm auditioning for & what kind of script I would get . 
But first off when I reached , I was given a form to fill up regarding the audition along with my personal particulars . Next , I was given a dummy script on the role I'm auditioning for & Sheryl got the same script ! Meaning , we are actually fighting for the same role x_x 

After given about 15 minutes 
time to memorize the short script , I was asked to go into the audition room & it's like suddenly boom , face the reality , Chrysan you're in for a casting audition ! Immediately , I felt like I wasn't ready even though before that , I felt I know what it takes to pull off what I'm given . 

But often when you're 
nervous , do you think you can remember everything and perform just as well ? Probably not . 

In case you're wondering , 
if the audition looks just like how I imagined , no . It isn't . It's just a camera in front of me & the casting director etc . I did a self introduction & started the short acting without the script . They took a few photos of me and , DONE ! Super fast isn't it ? 

But just a little thing for you to laugh at , 
for my first attempt on the script , I actually STOPPED HALFWAY , RAN OUT OF THE CAMERA & SAID I'M TOO NERVOUS . [Guys , if you're ever going for an audition , please do not be like me ! I regretted not having confidence with myself !]

But it definitely is a very fun & enjoyable experience ! 
I REALLY TRULY WISH , I get to do things like that more often . I don't even hate it ! And just nice , my friend Chrisline was just nearby and I headed off  to Nihon Mura @ Cineleisure for lunch & chit chat at SCAPE with some of the people who went for the audition as well . [I know them before hand that's why] 

Left to Right : Chrisline , her couzzie & I !

Well , I apologize that it is a really short post ! 
If I've received any news on the casting , I would update this post ♥ !!! 

UPDATE : I know auditions are on 21st and 22nd June 2013 but as for what I know , the audition I went for with the rests are specially arranged so I wouldn't have to be stuck in a long queue .