Thursday, 20 June 2013

Heading out alone T_T

Been a long time since I last went out alone ! 
Before the haze started , I had to head out alone because my friend couldn't make it with me last minute . But I still went on with my plans as I have things to do otherwise I wouldn't even head out alone . I'm somebody who just can't head out alone . I would feel sooooo depressed & lonely LOL . Don't you feel meeeee ?! 

So anyway , 
I'm also the kind that just wanna look good , look better . And here's my outfit and hairdo for that day ! 

Leopard print dress from H&M ~

Hairdo ! At first I just wanted to pinned up one side of my hair but somehow after much 'playing' with my hair , I ended up with this !

Just why did I head out
then if I hate going out alone ? What plans did I have ? Well , I actually bought a deal from deal.sg (or something like that idk if it's right) . It's a straightener plus a curler together as one and it's in PINK !!!! Oh , and there's five heats to choose from along with ceramic coating and it's only selling at $19.90 !!!! I hardly come across these sort of deals as I'm not the kind that would take time to browse on websites like this . 

So the day where my sister 
sent me a link of that deal & after browsing awhile which was less than 15 minutes , I bought the deal online with my debit card IMMEDIATELY . But again , to get what I bought online , I have to print out the deal code that I've received via email & present it to the shop when I'm there to redeem it ! 

And the only place I know of
near my house that I'm able to print something is Queensway Shopping Centre . [I could've printed at home but printer no ink , sibei suey] When I reached , I got my deal code printed and I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be in color or mono form . So to play safe , I printed color . And that stupid half piece of paper cost me $1.50 to print at Queensway wtfffffffffffffffff . Imagine you've lot's of notes to be printed in colors ? -___________-"

The printing took REALLY fast 
of course . My stomach was growling by then & I felt weak all over considering the fact that I didn't ate a thing at all since I woke up and left home straight after preparing ! So loner-me decided to just have the famous katong laksa there sinceeeeeeeeeeeeeee , Queensway is famous for having amazing laksa & I was mad hungry + I'm not in a rush what ! [self comfort only] 

While having lunch alone it was so awkward lol . 
Ate lunch and headed to Plaza Sing immediately to collect my item at Freya in Wonderland or something . Super happy & headed off to AMK to meet my boyfriend to get my keys from him ! I was supposed to go home after that but thick-skin-me just decides to be super thick skin and asked , "urm , can I stay ? And watch you practice your lion dance ?" And he didn't mind so yeap ♥ !!!!

 Watched my boyfriend & his 
troupe members practice their lion dance the whole night and headed home with my boyfriend after that . And my best boy , always make sure I ate before he leaves home for work . 

Thank you bb , for getting me western food for breakfast while you only ate chicken rice ):

Ending this blog post 
with photos of my qt furball at home ♥ 

Goodnight everyone !!! Please take good care of your health as the haze is still within the unhealthy range x____x . Best thing to do if you're heading out is to get a freaking N95 mask . Normal masks doesn't help in fight haze , but a N95 mask does . If I'm not wrong you can get it in hospitals , pharmacies and so on . Let's hope the haze would be miraculously gone !!!